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In an article by Emily Mcclure at Bussle she summarizes her experience with Wen hair by Chaz Dean Wen is a unique hair care product that focuses on cleansing beneath the surface without having to suds up. That’s right, there is no lathering yet, it’s great for any hair type and in the case of this article, it is fine hair that it was put to the test with.

The Wen Results

WEN Hair product proved to be more than useful for fine hair. She was able to keep it in check for at least 24 hours while she went about her workaday. She works in a hair salon so this opinion says a lot for the product. She did say; however, that the instructions were detailed for the length of hair but that you didn’t have to use the exact amount recommended. As a professional stylist, she eluded to using your instincts to get the right amount.

She recommended that the product be used everyday with fine hair. She also agreed that it pairs well with styling product. She was surprised that it had stood up to the amount of styling product she normally uses in a day simply because her hair is fine.




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  1. WEN Hair product does do what it says according to her professional opinion but for fine hair, use it every one to two days and no longer in-between shampoos for best result on fine hair. It is always better to have all of this things done by rushmyessays service for you.

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