UKV PLC: Everything about Wine

United Kingdom Vintners, known most popularly as UKV PLC, is an independent wine consultancy company based in the UK. They are committed to guiding their clients in making best choices of wine and champagne for any occasion and event. They have a small team of wine experts to the world of knowledge and experience on wines and champagnes which often prove invaluable for their clients. Being an independent company, UKV PLC is not affiliated with any limited wine supply chain. This has two advantages which all work to the benefit of the clients. The first is that they do not have a limited amount of wine and champagnes to choose from, as would be the case if they affiliated to any supply chain. The second is that they have the freedom to recommend best choice of wine or champagne depending on the client’s needs without having to represent a particular brand or supply chain. This means that the only interests that the company serves and protects are those of the client and never those of a third party.

Besides offering advice for the best wine choices for consumption UKV PLC also provides advice and guidance for those who would wish to invest in the wine industry. Investment in the wine trade is very lucrative because of several reasons. The first is that wine gets better with time, meaning that one does not have to be in a hurry to dispose of the wine they have bought to make a profit, and the longer they hold on to it, the more profit they stand to make. The second is that wine prices remain stable even in unstable and unpredictable economic periods around the globe. For example, during the Brexit vote. Wine prices went up rather than dropping. Another factor is that there is growing enthusiasm for wine around the globe, an interest that has only increased in recent years. With the emergence of new global economic powers in BRIC states, there has been an increased interest in wine consumption and collection among people in these countries.

UKV PLC offers guidance and investment opportunities for people and entities that would like to try their hand in the ever lucrative wine industry around the world.