The Chainsmokers have hit the Big Time

The Chainsmokers are officially one of the most successful groups in modern history. Their single “Closer” has made it to diamond status. This EDM music duo is now one of the richest groups in the world. According to Forbes, they have made a whopping $45 million off their music success. This is nothing to sneeze at. They are a certified hit making duo.

When a single or album goes platinum 10 times over, that is equivalent to diamond status. This simply means that a record or song has sold more than 10 million units. That is a lot of record sales that many music artist will never see. A group must have a universal appeal to sell that many units. “Closer” has been such a huge hit for the Chainsmokers that this song is now considered one of the best in the field of music.

Artists and groups such as Adele, Garth Brooks, Usher, Santana, Backstreet Boys, ZZ Top, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Notorious B.I.G, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, TLC, Nirvana, Justin Bieber and Prince are the stars who managed to reach the diamond status level. By the way, Michael Jackson is the reigning king of this group by going platinum 33x’s over. He still is considered the best musical entertainer that has ever set foot on this planet. Still, the Chainsmokers are in his sphere.

This group has even put solo artist Halsey on the map since she was featured in this song. Her contribution to Closer has made her a household name. Halsey and the Chainsmokers were both doing their things before the collaboration of Closer but after the song debuted, the two musical forces started to catapult to enormous success.

Keep in mind that it took at least 2 years for Closer to reach diamond status 10 times over. Now that it has, Closer is definitely one of the best songs in modern history. It might surprise you, but people around the planet are still discovering this song. Remember it was released in the US back in 2016 and it has now trickled down to some foreign markets where the song is still being viewed for the first time. The Chainsmokers have definitely earned their spot in music history and deserve the big time status that they have acquired.