Susan McGalla, Teaching Women how to Be Successful in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla, one of the most successful business women, knows what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and maintaining that position. In order to get pleasing results in life; hard work, passion, and confidence, along with versatility and inevitable traits are required. Noting that life is not easy or served on a silver platter, it is up to the individual to tap into their potential and powerful traits, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary on McGalla believes that she was endowed with greatness, and only she could unlock the chest that carried the priceless commodity.

Susan McGalla, Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, based out of Pittsburgh, has extensive expertise in the retail and clothing sectors, attracting notable personalities within the finance sector. Those notable persons come to McGalla needing insight in matters dealing with marketing, talent management, product merchandising, branding, along with others. McGalla’s career started at Joseph Horne Company, staying there nearly a decade, from 1986 to 1994. Susan McGalla later joined American Eagle Outfitters, where standing behind her principles on work ethic, she earned the role of Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer over the entire company. After leaving American Eagle Outfitters on her own terms, she became a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries, then leaving that position to become CEO of Wet Seal. Eventually leaving that position, as well, to become a consulting expert.

Susan McGalla is constantly making herself known in a business sector that was once a no-go zone for women because men, being in the majority, populated it. Being an excellent role model for all women, McGalla is willing and ready to help other women get to the top of their careers as well. Exhibiting innate skills that are necessary factors in the management positions that is held, McGalla believes a good number of women are in the dark on the measures that can be taken to climb the ladder to success on Post Gazette. McGalla’s advice to women is to break the glass ceiling on the career path that is chosen, never carry a chip on your shoulder, and not feel entitled as a woman or what prejudices surround being a woman. With the advice Susan McGalla shares with women, she is hoping that more women take the same approach in their careers going forward.