Sporting Goods Stores Sink as Fabletics Rises

Athleisure clothing, clothing constructed for athletic use but worn for comfort and style, has made it into the closets of men and women everywhere. People are attracted to the comfort of athleisure clothing, and many people feel motivated to stick to their exercise routines by embracing athleisure fashion. However, while men and women are pleased with their new fashion sense, some businesses are starting to see a downside to the trend.
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Big box sporting goods retailers used to be the ideal place to purchase athleisure clothing. However, once fashion designers started catering to the athleisure market, it made more sense for consumers to purchase their athleisure outfits from fashion specialists. If people really wanted clothing for actual exercise, they would purchase something inexpensive from a department store. If they wanted a great athleisure outfit, they would turn to a specific athleisure retailer.

One of these companies is Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that will mail an athleisure outfit to your home once a month. When you sign up for the service, you simply answer a few questions about yourself and your style.

While big box sporting goods stores grumble about the challenges athleisure fashion creates for their business model, you can find comfort and style in athleisure clothing thanks to a company like Fabletics.

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  1. Fabletics utilizes this data to create athleisure equips only for you. Fabletics has been around since 2013, and the performing artist Kate Hudson is one of the establishing individuals from the organization. I have come to understand that the online essay writer is actually a good promoter of the Fabletics brand too.

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