Securus Technologies and Gang Violence in Prison

Gang violence in our prison has been on the rise recently, and my superiors had seen enough and wanted a change. The minute the threats put visitors, guests, and staff in harm’s way, we knew that changes were coming. We were informed that we would be getting a new resource in the battle to keep the gang violence in check, and it came from a very unlikely source I have to admit.


In the past, we have checked the inmates mail, monitored them inside the visitor center, and even done cell inspections daily, but the problem persists. The company that was going to help us to clean up the jail is called Securus Technologies, and their system was being installed sooner than we expected. Their inmate call monitoring system is currently in thousands of jails around the country, allowing corrections officers to get some control on the exploding gang populations.


The company is run by CEO Richard Smith, and has over a thousand employees who are all dedicated to the company objective of making the world safer. The LBS software was going to make our job as officers easier because it would allow us to be on other fronts while it scanned all the calls for anything gang related. The results that we experienced in the first week were nothing short of spectacular.


In only a few hours after we all learned how the software worked, we were alerted to a call between an inmate and the gang soldiers on the street. He was directing them how to get contraband past the guards in the visitor center to hand to his brothers. One call even revealed how orders were handed down the ranks so lower-level gang members could carry out hits on rival gangs in the jail. We can now take action before these incidents are allowed to happen.