Robert Ivy Gets Ready To Receive The Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is set to make history when he receives the Noel Pork Award. The Lifetime Achievement award had been a reserve of excellent art patrons who have a connection with Mississippi. Morgan Freeman (2007), Leontyne Price (2000) and Shelby Foote (2004) are some of the previous recipients of the award. The AIA chief executive officer has opened the door for architects to join the list of actors and writers considered for the award.

MIAL’s president believes that Robert Ivy has exposed the public to architecture more than anyone else before him. Nancy LaForge further stated that the excellence with which the homegrown architect presents his architectural opinions earned him a place among the elites of Mississippi.

Carl Elefante, AIA’s president, describes Robert as an exceptional ambassador of architecture. Having served as the institute’s chief executive since 2011, he has brushed shoulders with top architects and earned his place among the very best.

Ivy oversaw the rapid growth of McGraw Hill Architectural journal while serving as its chief editor. His efforts saw the journal receive global recognition. He also worked on its media platform. He designed and authored Fay Jones, an architectural biography that recently released its 3rd edition.


The AIA boasts of a rich history that spun through more than 160 years. Robert Ivy has been at the heart of its greatest success. He has worked together with his team to create numerous chapters in different countries across the world making it possible for American architects to work in other countries.

The accomplished architect started out as a Navy officer. He studied English for his undergraduate degree and did a Masters degree in Architecture at Tulane University. The University of Arkansas honored Robert Ivy with the Dean’s Medal. He efficiently conveyed the impact of architectural design and Alpha Rho Chi rewarded him for his troubles. I.M. Pei and Mies van Rohe are the among the other recipients of this award.

MIAL which receives its funding from Higher Learning Institutions from Mississippi also acknowledges exceptional creativity in various professional fields. This has encouraged better service delivery within Mississippi.

AIA has been in existence since 1857 and has been involved in the provision of better housing for Americans. With the public interests at heart the institute champions policies that will improve the lives of individuals. They have partnered with the government as well as the civil society to make America a better place. Their employees get to enjoy resources necessary to execute their functions professionally and grow their career at the same time.

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