QNET Encourages and Enhances Women Entrepreneurship

Today, women are increasingly entering into the business world to earn that extra dollar while still balancing a healthy home life. They have realized the importance of operating their own business ventures. This allows them to manage their time well. Direct selling is a key industry that allows women to become empowered visionaries. It is also low risk and easy to get started.

QNET Supporting Women Entrepreneurship

QNET is one of the most prestigious and successful direct selling company in the Asian market. The company celebrates International Women’s Day by developing programs that assist and nurture women to become entrepreneurs. This allows them to help change their communities for the better, improve their own lives and achieve their dreams. Learn more about the company’s employees satisfaction on Glassdoor.

The company has always supported budding women entrepreneurs. It believes in sustaining and supporting women’s rights and gender equality. With statistics pointing out that about 74.4 percent of the total direct selling workforce is women, the company has set out to nurture more women in the industry.

It encourages women from all walks of life to join their sales team. They are trained as direct sellers. QNET also allows women to work around their own schedules and earn a good income that can sustain their families. It offers flexible hours, making it one of the most suitable women employer within the direct selling industry.

Get to know #QNET concept of Absolute Living: http://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2016/03/02/qnet-concept-absolute-living/#AbsoluteLiving

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USAID Statement on the Importance of Women Leadership

The leading American agency, that supports many global developmental projects especially in third world countries, has shown its support for women leadership. In one of its statements, the agency stressed the importance of supporting the development of women leadership. Such leadership allows societies to thrive and develop. For this to happen, women must be given access to quality education, technology and healthcare.

About QNET

QNET, established in 1998, is a direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong. It offers a variety of products that help people enhance their lives. It operates mainly as an e-commerce company with distribution networks established in over 100 countries. It runs an impressive operating network of about 25 offices globally with over 50 stockists. In addition, it has localized franchises in some countries.

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The company sponsors many sporting events including badminton and football. It recently chose Martina Hingis as its brand ambassador. It also signed on to be the direct selling partner for Manchester City Football Club for three years.

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