Paul Mampilly Dedicates Himself to Main Street

Do only people who work on Wall Street know how to make a lot of money from investments? Simply looking at wealthy and secure people living on Main Street U.S.A. reveals the answer. Working on Wall Street doesn’t automatically mean exclusive success from investing. The average person with no financial connections can put money away in decent savings investments. No matter where you live, you must educate yourself about finance, saving money, investments, and retirement planning. Looking at informative resources helps with this cause. Visit the website to learn more.

The material at Banyan Hill Publishing overseen by Senior Editor Paul Mampilly tries to help those seeking informative content. Banyan Hill Publishing produces a number of newsletters edited by a variety of experts. Mampilly worked as an author and analyst at a number of different financial companies. Today, his focus as a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing centers on assisting the people who live on Main Street. It wasn’t always this way for Paul Mampilly.

Mampilly once served as a portfolio manager on Wall Street. His notable achievements included running a hedge fund for Kinetics Asset Management. During his tenure with the company, Mampilly helped assets grow upwards of $25 billion. His days on Wall Street came to a close. Now, he serves as a research and investment analyst. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Mampilly seems more interested in helping the average person make money. Over the years, Mampilly developed a great deal of knowledge about investing and finance. Through his newsletter writing and editing, he channels that knowledge to persons interested in learning. Paul Mampilly heads the intriguingly named newsletter “Profits Unlimited.” The newsletter looks at stocks, portfolios, and investment opportunities in each issue. The newsletter gives readers something to think about with each issue.

Paul Mampilly wants to share his knowledge. During his Wall Street career, his knowledge was only available to the small group of investors and professionals he dealt with. In his new career, Mampilly speaks to a larger audience. Perhaps this new audience feels more appreciative of his giving nature.