Keeping Reputations Red Carpet Worthy

A person has a reputation. A business has a reputation. Internet sites, like Wikipedia are open sourced and count on the good faith of people to only put factual information on their sites. But is that really in the best interest for yourself or your business? At Get Your Wiki, from the time their Wiki experts for hire create your wiki page your reputation is always monitored. People are often working hard, and do not deserve to have their image defaced after they have taken the time to make a Wiki page. A good truthful public site along with the employment of a Wikipedia editing service is a great way to build business on the internet. 

While Leonardo DiCaprio was giving his acceptance speech at the 2016 Oscars, a deliriously happy fan took it upon themselves to write swear words all over the new Oscar winner’s Wikipedia page. This is a man that has his own press people, and still his page was defaced. Leonardo gave an uplifting, environmentally, heartily felt acceptance speech. The updated curse filled wiki page did not match his debonair image.

And if it could happen to Leonardo DiCaprio, could it happen to you? Most definitely. Imagine working many hours just find that your company was losing business by not having time to watch over your online image, or worse, your business’s image. Most distressing is that you would never know how much business you potentially lost, because the internet’s reach is so wide. Anyone that was looking for your services may have opted out because of a bad Wikipedia entry. 

Who would deface a page? Maybe someone is just looking for an easy way to get out of paying a bill. Maybe it is your competition trying to garner business for themselves. Could even just be a middle school student that thinks they are funny on the internet. Something to the effect of this day and ages version of prank calling a business. Don’t let it happen to you.

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