Everything You Need To Know About DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

There are few people throughout the UAE and Dubai that are not aware of DAMAC Properties or its own, Hussain Sajwani. He has been an influential figure in the business world as well as real estate across the region. Over the years, Hussain has developed many strong partnerships with other powerful and wealthy figures in the market, including the President of the United States, Donald Trump. This real estate guru can relate to Hussain and they have done several projects together in the past. On top of being well established in the corporate world, Hussain is also building a reputation for his philanthropy. He recently donated more than 500 thousand dollars to go towards a nonprofit organization to help children all over the UAE.

As of 2018, Hussain Sajwani’s estimated net worth is said to be over 4 billion dollars, which is including the estimated worth from all of the property investments he has. He is also the largest shareholder in his own company as he has reinvested into the company many times over the years. Nine Elms Property Limited is a large part of the wealth the DAMAC Owner currently has. This subsidiary designed AYKON London and went through the entire development process.

One of the major reasons Hussain is able to provide such high quality and luxuries estates is because of their contract with Al Amana Building Material. This company provides high-quality materials from all over the world that are used in the construction of real estate at DAMAC Properties. This was not luck on Hussain’s part, rather he was very aware that quality was something that the Dubai market desperately needed. Most other property developers during the time of DAMAC’s rise were not known for their quality at all and they usually constructed projects in a haste with poor foundations.