Dr. Saad Talks About The Tough Life That Drove Him To Success

Dr. Saad Saad talked about his career as a pediatric surgeon. He has a fascinating life story to share and he also has life lessons to share that he has already taught his children. Dr. Saad as finally reached retirement after spending 47 years helping his medical clients. He has made a lasting impression with his inventions, service and sacrifices.


Formative Years

Dr. Saad is a native of Palestine, born in the 1940s. At the time, that area was experiencing dramatic and rapid differences. When the State of Israel was built several Palestinians had to find a new home. Dr. Saad’s father was traveling for business and his mother was forced to take a bus with her children to a foreign place.


Point Of No Return

The day they had to leave she left the key under mat and her and kids took nothing but the clothes they wore. They thought was that this would be a short roundtrip.

The sad part is that return trip did not happen. The family was being permanently transferred to West Bank, never to return to their original home. His father finally found them after searching for hours and then paying a boat captain a large sum to take him across the river where his family was. Dr. Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic when Middle East oil was first being discovered and sold to foreign places.


Starting Over In Foreign Land

In the 1950s when mechanics were a strong field, he relocated the family to Kuwait. This is where Dr. Saad spent the majority of his childhood. While Dr. Saad was in school, his father taught him to look at his hard situation. He was experiencing a resettling, he had no country, no apparent future, and no passport. He advised Dr. Saad that the only way he would gain respect is by getting highly educated. Equipped with a high level of education he understood he was capable of anything and he could be anybody. One time in the 1960s Dr. Saad accompanied his brother to a construction site in Kuwait. Dr. Saad was in high school at the time. The heat began to get unbearable, and after a while Dr. Saad fell ill and in time he fainted. Once he regained consciousness, he learned that the heat of the summer had given him a heat stroke. This is when he realized he wasn’t built for outdoor labor work.¬†Learn more :¬†https://angel.co/saad-saad-2