Dr. Saad Saad makes a mark in the medical industry

Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished plastic surgeon in the United States. He has been in practice for the past four decades. In this duration, he has conducted hundreds of medical operations to patients in the United States and beyond. He has had a highly successful career as a medical practitioner. His record in the medical industry can be equaled by few especially in the field of pediatric surgery. He has been so good at his work that he has attracted the attention of Saudi Royal, who had hired him as their pediatric surgeon. He has also worked with international humanitarian organizations who have as well been impressed by the quality of services that have been offered through this facility.

Dr. Saad Saad is someone who has proved that your origin does not determine your destiny/ he was born in Palestine, in abject poverty but managed to build his life until he became a top doctor in the United States. After being born in Palestine, his parents moved to Kuwait due to the hostile state of affairs in Palestine. Dr. Saad Saad was lucky to go to the Cairo University for his Medical Degree. He performed exemplary well and won an opportunity to intern in London. He would later make a move to the United States which marked the beginning of his career as a pediatric surgeon in the U.S. He first underwent the board registration as a pediatric surgeon before venturing into active practice.

Some great accomplishments to date have marked Dr. Saad Saad’s career. He has been involved in medical missions in different parts of the world. His main focus has been in Palestine where he has visited a number of times to offer free medical services to children and young adults who are suffering from complex conditions which need surgical procedures. In the years that he has been in the industry, many people from poor backgrounds have benefited from his experts.

Today, he is a proud owner of two patents. The patents are about two instruments which he has invented as a way of making the industry safe. He has made a huge difference in the manner in which surgical operation will be carried out. The first device that he has invented is an electromagnetic tool that will locate the catheter inside the human body. The other is a device that will be used together with an endoscope to remove body fluids when examining internal body parts.

Dr. Saad leaves a mark that will last for many years. In the duration that he has been in the industry, he has made sure that his name will remain in the records of history forever, the two inventions are phenomenal and will last for many years.

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