Clay Hutson Sound Production

Have you ever gone to a concert and noticed that the music was too loud, too quiet, or didn’t have enough bass? Fortunately, sound quality at your favorite concerts is usually not something that would come to mind very often. When putting together a concert, audio engineers and professional sound mixers make great contributions to this effort to ensure a good sounding experience. Clay Hutson is a successful professional audio engineer with an impressive resume to the sound engineering industry.

Hutson’s job has delivered great opportunities to enjoy great live music for many musicians and music group concerts. He has become the face of some of the more widely known professionals seen at the sound monitors mixing the sound to achieve superior live sound. He has proven to be very knowledgeable at his trade in working with various forms of equipment and has developed a good career for himself. He knows how important it is for a great show to have the perfect acoustics.

Clay worked the helm for the SD7 which provided sound for many high profile clients, such as: Rihanna,Tool and Widespread Panic (with 8th Day Sound), Arcade Fire,The Jonas Brothers,Neil Young, 311, Eminem, Lady Gaga,Los Tres (3G Productions) ;Taylor Swift and Lenny Kravitz (Sound Image) Jay-Z, Maroon 5, Maxwell/Jill Scott, Nickelback, and U2 (Clair Global); Angels & Airwaves and Morrissey (Rat Sound); The Killers and Foo Fighters (Delicate Productions)- and many more famous and varying artists.

Hutson was also credited for being a part of OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour Production as well as being a long-term DiGiCo user and managing operator of FOH/Monitor engineer and day-to-day/Production/Tour Manager. Whether it is Rigging, Stage Management, Monitor Engineering, Production Design, Production Management, Logistics Management or Show Production; Clay has worn and continues to wear multiple hats to his professional portfolio as a professional live sound engineer and production manager.

Clay Hutson has come to understand sound, equipment and necessary technique that has become invaluable for his trade. He currently offers clients his impressive plethora of experience and expertise in a budget-friendly solution to the events he undertakes on his website ( With onsite execution of sound solutions to creativity with experience-inspired ideas, he can be full of delight and surprise as he continues to grow and develop his role in not only execution of delivering top-quality sound, but also event production as well. Learn more:’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html