Whitney Wolfe Keeps Evolving

Whitney Wolfe is certainly stepping things up a couple of notches when it comes to her dating app. She has created something very interesting with Bumble, and people are waiting to see what the recent newlywed will be doing at the top of the next year. After getting married it became evident that Whitney Wolfe was someone that had made it to the top professionally while finding love at the same time.

She celebrated her wedding on the Amalfi Coast, and it became social media buzz that attracted people right back to the business that she created called Bumble. Many people had already heard of Bumble, but this time around there was something completely different for people to see as they saw the new bride with the new vision.

This year Whitney Wolfe made a decision to introduce Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These would be the additional aspects of Bumble that would take this company to another level. Social media has evolved, and Whitney Wolfe is part of this evolution with her social apps that are helping people find friends and build their networks of potential associates for better job opportunities.


These concepts may have been as unexpected as the marriage that Whitney Wolfe engaged in. She has become someone that has really taken a different approach to the way that the social media world works. She did not put herself in a place where she would be confined to one area of social media. Whitney Wolfe is not even someone that plans to stop with Bumble. She had other ideas and concepts in mind before she created this company, and her anti-bullying app is still something that may come into creation. This is the type of app that she wanted to create before she started the dating app.

There are a ton of ideas for Whitney Wolfe to consider, and it appears that she has her mind set on building a different type of environment for people that are utilizing social media. She does not want to limit herself or her users so she continues to expand Bumble.

Patty Rocklage, a Family and Marriage Counsellor is Helping Families Overcome Challenges

Patty Rocklage counseling professional who’s based in the Sudbury area of Massachusetts. As a therapist, she has been the face of happiness behind most families that are going through marriage and other family challenges.

Patty Rocklage employs the use personal communication to help identify her client’s problems and in a warm and welcoming manner, prescribes solutions. Patty is also keen on helping families and individuals overcome life struggles. Marriage is usually a demanding institution, and for that case, Patty Rocklage is passionate about helping newlyweds, and longtime couples find each other and survive the challenging journey that is marriage.

She is a graduate of the renowned University of Southern California, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has since carried out her private practice in Massachusetts. She poses a Massachusetts Psychologist License and more information click here.

Patty Rocklage is married to an acclaimed scholar, Scott Rocklage. The two are avid philanthropists and are affiliated to Sudanese Education Fund. Patty is a member of this organization that aims at ensuring that Sudanese population living in Massachusetts gets access to quality education, employment opportunities and are financially secure.

Recently, Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott were recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their contributions towards the refurbishing of the institution’s Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry lab. The couple was appreciated by the faculty and students on their commitment towards research and innovation.

Patty Rocklage’s career in family and marriage counseling

Patty Rocklage has carved out a name for herself in the field of counseling. She adopts a holistic approach in diagnosing and counseling couples, families and individuals. Party has also guided companies through their team building exercises so as to ensure employees connect and become better team players. She is also an excellent public speaker who is always called upon to lecture in public forums and resume her.

Besides her glowing career in counseling, Patty Rocklage loves being around her family. She is passionate about making a home out of her house. Together with her husband Scott, they once employed the services of Sudbury Kitchen and Bath Showroom to help refurbish their home and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

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Julie Zuckerberg, an Executive Recruiter Based in New York

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter based in New York City. She is famous for her specialties like talent and management acquisition. Currently, she is working at Deutsche Bank as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Due to the nature of her job, she gets the opportunity to interact with prominent business personalities who seek guidance from her for process improvement and recruitment strategies. A great number of companies approach her for negotiating top management job offers. In addition to this, she also coaches recruiting teams and counsel leadership and executive committees. Previously, Zuckerberg served at Executive Recruiter Company as Talent Acquisition. Her main job was to maintain business relationships and deal with contract governance. Her performance has been outstanding throughout her career of fifteen years. Julie Zuckerberg was serving at New York Life Insurance as Corporate Vice President and Senior Recruiting Lead before joining Deutsche Bank. Her main role was to manage recruitment process and analyze customer requirement with the management.



Before joining New York Life Insurance, Julie Zuckerberg served at Citibank for more than six years as Vice President and Executive Recruiter. She had a wide range of responsibilities there which included negotiating complex senior level job offers, advising recruitment strategies, and international talent sourcing. She used to work at Hudson as Candidate Placement Director before she moved to the Citibank. She had many responsibilities at Hudson which included recruitment of various professionals like case managers, support staff, paralegals, and attorneys. In addition to this, various legal firms, corporations, and financial institutions hired Zuckerberg for the recruitment on temporary positions. She has also led conflict resolution and counseled & coached employees. According to her colleagues, Julie’s academic background and work ethics are the reason for her success.



Initially, Julie Zuckerberg decided to study Philosophy for which she took admission in New York Brooklyn College of City University. In the middle of her studies, her interest changed, and she went to New York Law School. The move was the reason that talent acquisition became her career. Zuckerberg was lucky to have great teachers and mentors in her life. She worked under extraordinary professionals that became her mentors. They were the ones that became her inspiration and motivation. They improved her skill set and groomed her personality. As a result, Julie Zuckerberg became an unmatched professional in the world of corporate business. Today she is known for having skills like human resources, conflict resolution, employee training, coaching, acquisition & management, sourcing, and team leadership. Another reason for Zuckerberg to succeed in this modern era of business is the interest to improve efficiency with the use of technology.



Julie Zuckerberg takes out time for her leisure despite having a very busy professional life. She takes great interest in the vibrant culture of New York City which offers so much to both tourists and residents. Her friends and colleagues believe that her personal life is one of the reasons why Zuckerberg has amazing ideas at work. Zuckerberg is also an advocate of animal rights and underprivileged people.


Susan McGalla, Teaching Women how to Be Successful in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla, one of the most successful business women, knows what it takes to climb the corporate ladder and maintaining that position. In order to get pleasing results in life; hard work, passion, and confidence, along with versatility and inevitable traits are required. Noting that life is not easy or served on a silver platter, it is up to the individual to tap into their potential and powerful traits, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary on ireport.cnn.com. McGalla believes that she was endowed with greatness, and only she could unlock the chest that carried the priceless commodity.

Susan McGalla, Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers and the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, based out of Pittsburgh, has extensive expertise in the retail and clothing sectors, attracting notable personalities within the finance sector. Those notable persons come to McGalla needing insight in matters dealing with marketing, talent management, product merchandising, branding, along with others. McGalla’s career started at Joseph Horne Company, staying there nearly a decade, from 1986 to 1994. Susan McGalla later joined American Eagle Outfitters, where standing behind her principles on work ethic, she earned the role of Presidency and Chief Merchandising Officer over the entire company. After leaving American Eagle Outfitters on her own terms, she became a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries, then leaving that position to become CEO of Wet Seal. Eventually leaving that position, as well, to become a consulting expert.

Susan McGalla is constantly making herself known in a business sector that was once a no-go zone for women because men, being in the majority, populated it. Being an excellent role model for all women, McGalla is willing and ready to help other women get to the top of their careers as well. Exhibiting innate skills that are necessary factors in the management positions that is held, McGalla believes a good number of women are in the dark on the measures that can be taken to climb the ladder to success on Post Gazette. McGalla’s advice to women is to break the glass ceiling on the career path that is chosen, never carry a chip on your shoulder, and not feel entitled as a woman or what prejudices surround being a woman. With the advice Susan McGalla shares with women, she is hoping that more women take the same approach in their careers going forward.

QNET Encourages and Enhances Women Entrepreneurship

Today, women are increasingly entering into the business world to earn that extra dollar while still balancing a healthy home life. They have realized the importance of operating their own business ventures. This allows them to manage their time well. Direct selling is a key industry that allows women to become empowered visionaries. It is also low risk and easy to get started.

QNET Supporting Women Entrepreneurship

QNET is one of the most prestigious and successful direct selling company in the Asian market. The company celebrates International Women’s Day by developing programs that assist and nurture women to become entrepreneurs. This allows them to help change their communities for the better, improve their own lives and achieve their dreams. Learn more about the company’s employees satisfaction on Glassdoor.

The company has always supported budding women entrepreneurs. It believes in sustaining and supporting women’s rights and gender equality. With statistics pointing out that about 74.4 percent of the total direct selling workforce is women, the company has set out to nurture more women in the industry.

It encourages women from all walks of life to join their sales team. They are trained as direct sellers. QNET also allows women to work around their own schedules and earn a good income that can sustain their families. It offers flexible hours, making it one of the most suitable women employer within the direct selling industry.

Get to know #QNET concept of Absolute Living: http://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2016/03/02/qnet-concept-absolute-living/#AbsoluteLiving

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USAID Statement on the Importance of Women Leadership

The leading American agency, that supports many global developmental projects especially in third world countries, has shown its support for women leadership. In one of its statements, the agency stressed the importance of supporting the development of women leadership. Such leadership allows societies to thrive and develop. For this to happen, women must be given access to quality education, technology and healthcare.

About QNET

QNET, established in 1998, is a direct selling company headquartered in Hong Kong. It offers a variety of products that help people enhance their lives. It operates mainly as an e-commerce company with distribution networks established in over 100 countries. It runs an impressive operating network of about 25 offices globally with over 50 stockists. In addition, it has localized franchises in some countries.

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The company sponsors many sporting events including badminton and football. It recently chose Martina Hingis as its brand ambassador. It also signed on to be the direct selling partner for Manchester City Football Club for three years.

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