Whitney Wolfe Keeps Evolving

Whitney Wolfe is certainly stepping things up a couple of notches when it comes to her dating app. She has created something very interesting with Bumble, and people are waiting to see what the recent newlywed will be doing at the top of the next year. After getting married it became evident that Whitney Wolfe was someone that had made it to the top professionally while finding love at the same time.

She celebrated her wedding on the Amalfi Coast, and it became social media buzz that attracted people right back to the business that she created called Bumble. Many people had already heard of Bumble, but this time around there was something completely different for people to see as they saw the new bride with the new vision.

This year Whitney Wolfe made a decision to introduce Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These would be the additional aspects of Bumble that would take this company to another level. Social media has evolved, and Whitney Wolfe is part of this evolution with her social apps that are helping people find friends and build their networks of potential associates for better job opportunities.


These concepts may have been as unexpected as the marriage that Whitney Wolfe engaged in. She has become someone that has really taken a different approach to the way that the social media world works. She did not put herself in a place where she would be confined to one area of social media. Whitney Wolfe is not even someone that plans to stop with Bumble. She had other ideas and concepts in mind before she created this company, and her anti-bullying app is still something that may come into creation. This is the type of app that she wanted to create before she started the dating app.

There are a ton of ideas for Whitney Wolfe to consider, and it appears that she has her mind set on building a different type of environment for people that are utilizing social media. She does not want to limit herself or her users so she continues to expand Bumble.