Corey Feldman and Jeff Herman Challenges Senate on GOP Child Victims Act

Actor Corey Feldman along with a Team USA volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard have joined together to convince Republicans in the senate to pass a new law known as the Child Victims Act. In a coalition known as “New Yorker Against Hidden Predators”, a number of supporters are joining in to urge the Senate to pass a new law that will help improve the well being of children. Core Feldman is hoping that his efforts will help provide significant attention to legislation in New York that has looked to combat child abuse. This senate bill that Feldman supports was sponsored by Manhattan Democrat Brad Hoylman. With this new bill, the statute of limitations in both criminal and civil child sexual abuse cases would be eliminated. The bill would also allow a window of one year for civil action lawsuits to be brought up and up to 50 years to be heard. If the new bill is passed, individuals who are victims of child sexual abuse will have the opportunity to bring up a civil lawsuit of child abuse five years after the crime was committed and three years to sue the perpetrator.
One of the key attorneys that can help with these cases is Jeff Herman. He is a nationally recognized trial lawyer who provides assistance and support for many victims of child sexual abuse. Herman is known to provide assistance to survivors of things such as rape and sexual exploitation. Jeff is one of the more proactive, skilled and passionate attorneys when it comes to addressing child sexual abuse. Anyone who is in a civil child sexual abuse case will be well represented by Jeff. He devotes his entire practice to representing child sexual abuse victims who are looking to file a civil lawsuit. Over the course of his career, he has represented over one thousand men, women and children who were looking to seek justice for the crimes committed against them. During the last two decades, Jeff has been able to develop a practice that has a prestigious reputation nationwide. As a leading child sexual abuse victim trial attorney, Herman has established a reputation for fighting for his clients rights on a regular basis.