Cancer Treatment Center of America Partner With Clinical Pathways

Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues to lead the way incorporating all the benefits of modern technology to the cancer treatment process. The Boca Raton based company has announced a collaborative project with NantHealth and Allscripts to integrate the eviti ® platform. The program works as a clinical support solution that streamlines the medical treatment process. The Clinical Pathways system will work to inform patients on all available treatment options, as well as statistics regarding the cost and effectiveness of each option. Electronic medical records also assist doctors in obtaining insurance approval more quickly, and by automatically updating all physicians and staff involved in patient care, there is much less guess work and miscommunication between specialties.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America operates a national network of five specialty hospitals serving adult patients fighting cancer. In addition to oncology services, the hospitals offer genomic testing, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and supporting services including psychological care and nutrition services. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is consistently rated among the top hospitals in regard to quality of care and patient experience.

As stated on WebMD, the hospital works to make the treatment process as easy as possible by offering flexible schedules, including weekend treatment options, so patients can have minimal impact on their regular lives. Most insurance is accepted and the professionals in the billing department work to help streamline the approval and invoicing process. For patients interested in learning more, an online chat is available, as well as telephone and in person consultations. The hospitals treat all types of adult cancer, and statistics for the 10 most common types of cancer treated can be found on their website. By ensuring patient care and communication is their top priority, Cancer Treatment Centers of America continues to improve the lives of all who seek their care.

Chris Piazzi Dual Transplant and Help Given From the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Chris Piazzi’s diagnosis came early and he begin treatments to keep his liver functioning as it should. By 2015, Chris Piazzi life changed forever. After numerous tests were run, the tests concluded that one of his kidneys had cancer. After some careful thought and reviewing of his case, the doctors agreed that Chris’s best chance of survival was by having a liver and kidney transplant.

In February, on the 27th, Chris Piazzi received his transplant. Chris is on the chair of the College of Lake County Foundation and is currently the president of Mundelein Community Bank. The College of Lake County Foundation wanted to honor him and his dedication to the company at their annual golf tournament on June 12th. This tournament is to help raise money for students that are less fortunate by providing a means to further their education and expand opportunities in the workforce. Chris wrote a letter to the College of Lake County Foundation stating that while education is top priority, he learned another lesson in life. And that lesson was that life was valuable and precious. And by the gracious blessings of organ donations, he got a second chance at living.

As stated on Wikipedia, the Foundation has raised nearly $1 million dollars and helped 386 students in the 2015-2016 academic calendar year. The event helps with scholarships and grants at the College of Lake County Foundation.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a state of the art treatment facility that specializes and treats only cancer. This gives a more customizable approach to treatment options so that they are tailored for each individual need. Technology and treatments advance daily and patients have access to the latest in treatment options that are cancer specific. The doctors treat both the symptoms that patients experience and disease so that the patient’s quality of life improves during their treatment phase.

Avaaz Members show up in Numbers to Celebrate the World War 2 Victory Day

On May 8, members of Avaaz went out to celebrate France’s election results. This day was monumental to this activist group since it is the same day that the Allied forces secured victory in World War 2. Members of Avaaz joined by a veteran of the Auschwitz concentration camp congregated at the Eiffel Tower to express their joy. These activists were addressed by Elie Buzyn, who congratulated them for electing the president and urged them to shun way extremism.

Level of extremism before World War 2

Buzyn took some time to remind the activists about the extremist past that saw his parents sent to concentration camps because of their Jewish Faith. He was 15 years old at the time these atrocities took place, and when his parents passed on, he took up stone masonry work. Despite the attempt by the Soviet troops to rescue the prisoners in the concentration camps in Auschwitz, most of the incarcerated individuals had already been moved to other locations. In 1948, the World War 2 came to an end, and Buzyn moved to France in search of his extended family and a better life.

About Avaaz

Avaaz is a foundation formed by activists, and its head office is in New York City. This organization is an international platform that recognizes and acknowledges elections throughout the globe. Avaaz is a term derived from various languages and means ‘voice’ in English. Avaaz has more than 40 million followers in more than 200 countries worldwide. This international forum uses more than 15 different languages to communicate to its many followers. Avaaz has been in existence for over a decade and was formed by various progressive organizations. Avaaz is vocal about its mandate and has been featured by various media companies, such as The Guardian and 1843 Magazines. This foundation addresses issues centered on climate change, armed conflicts, economic crisis, and animal rights.