Geoffrey Cone Making New Zealand’s Transparency Very Clear

Geoffrey Cone is a prestigious tax law lawyer who has years of experience in the field, which prompted him to come out to defend New Zealand against these new accusations attempting to say that the country is a tax haven for people attempting to evade taxes. New Zealand has always been a stand-up country and one that is not usually placed under such scrutiny for good reason. According to Cone, New Zealand has never been in trouble because it has always played by the rules.

Geoffrey Cone might be considered a treasure to some people, especially those dealing with international tax law. Many people have sought Cone’s help in many manners because he is simply one of the most known experts in tax law. Cone graduated with honors from the University of Otago. It was there where he learned everything there was to know about taxes and trust law. Cone’s expertise has led him to work with some of the most trusted names in tax or trust law. This means that his expertise has only gotten stronger and more informed over the years.

Perhaps it is his expertise that made him come out to defend New Zealand. One thing that Cone has benefited from regarding his country is that their laws are transparent and clear. One of the key aspects of a tax haven is that the country has very secretive laws regarding banking institutions. New Zealand, on the other hand, has one of the most transparent policies. It could grant access to governments provided the government provides sufficient evidence regarding a request to disclose financial information.

Cone is also aware of the OECD lists. These lists are compiled after careful examination of countries and each country’s transparency or lack of it. The OECD has never placed New Zealand on their tax haven list, meaning that they are not to be considered a tax haven. Not only that, it seems that New Zealand did make the white list. This list is conserved for some of the most transparent countries in the world. Cone explains that this makes New Zealand the exact opposite of what people might be looking for if they want to avoid taxes. It is clear that whomever is making accusations against New Zealand is wrong, according to an expert in tax law. It just goes to show that no one should judge the book by its cover.