NFL Fantasy Owners begin To Look Forward To A New Season


The 2017 NFL draft has finally been completed with teams already being seen as winners and losers even though rookies have not played a single second of time for their new teams. Most fantasy owners are still setting an MLB lineup with as the NFL begins working towards starting the preseason camps and games that will make it easier for fantasy team owners to make a decision about who they will draft as they set out on a new season of daily, weekly, or season long fantasy leagues; the NFL draft will see a large number of new players arriving at teams hoping to make an instant impact on the fortunes of their new employers.


Choosing which rookies to draft can be a difficult thing for many NFL fans who will be looking to almost every position as they make their first moves of a season they hope will lead them to the top of their respective league. In many cases it is a good idea to take a look at the entire team situation to make sure the players being drafted, whether rookies or established professionals, will be able to make an impact. A good example is the Carolina Panthers decision to draft Christian McCaffrey as their marquee signing who should make an immediate impact as a receiving running back with the help of top quarterback Cam Newton; however, McCaffrey will also be looking to make yards as a running back and the Panthers draft included offensive line help that should allow him the opportunity to put up big numbers for any fantasy owner looking for a rookie to make an almost immediate impact.


The NFL draft is always popular for fantasy owners looking at the first couple of rounds for high quality performers, but outside the first two rounds there are often players who could get a chance of playing time each and every season. This year’s final pick, or “Mr. Irrelevant” was quarterback Chad Kelly who was taken by the Denver Broncos and may see playing time as Denver has yet to solve their own quarterback dilemma since the retirement of Peyton Manning in 2015.