Orange Coast College

It has finished building recycling facility, and it has opened it to the public. It took about one year and four months to complete the facility; It cost over $7 million. The facility covers five acres. The college started offering recycling services four decades ago. However, it was only using a small facility. Visitors will benefit from the facility in that there is an expanded parking that can accommodate up to 45 vehicles. The center provides locals with the recycling program and a way to free storage space while earning a few dollars in the process.



People who live in southern California can dispose of a wide range of material and even any unwanted equipment. The facility also takes aluminum cans. The recycling center also collects magazines, paper products, and cardboard. Visitors who dispose of HDPE plastics get compensated at 56 cents per pound. People who bring empty beverage bottles also get a standard California redemption value payments. Orange coast college gives Californians the opportunity to recycle different electronics. An individual can drop off TVs, computers, fax machines, printers, monitor, and projectors. The facility also collects cooking oils and clothes. It does not accept paint, chemicals, car batteries, engine oil, and boats. Visitors are also not allowed to drop off furniture.



Orange Coast College is found Orange County, California. The school was founded in 1947. The classes began in 1948. It has grown and is now the third largest community college in the country. The college enrolls over 25,000 undergraduate students each semester. It is just a few minutes from the southern California beaches.



The college offers exceptional facilities and the latest technology. It has over 135 programs including the public nautical programs half of the students in the school are enrolled in technical education programs and one of the Orange Coast college career programs. OCC ranks number one in the number of students that it transfers to the university especially California state university and University of California. There are also OCC students who transfer to private universities in the country. The college offers summer, winter, fall, and spring classes. Moreover, it has been accredited by the western association of schools and colleges. Learnmore: