The success of Kenneth Goodgame in marketing

Since 2013, Kenneth Goodgame has been working at True Value Hardware Corporation, which is based in Chicago. He is the Senior Vice President and the Chief Merchandising Officer of the company. Being a marketing expert, he has been an asset to the company. Kenneth has come up with various ways to ensure the best output from the whole team.

True Value reviewed the prices of their products. Kenneth Goodgame said that this would be beneficial to the company, as it would increase its sales. The company also went back to advertising through TV in 2014. It had been long since this was done. With this among other strategies, the company has been experiencing steady growth.

Kenneth Goodgame also writes on sales, retail, and marketing. In recent posts, he wrote about how prices affect the decisions of customers while shopping. He said that people without previous experience with a product are likely to go for the cheapest in the market.

He also wrote on end caps. Having products on the end cap is a good thing because it will be seen by more people. Although it is more expensive than other shelves in stores, it is a good retail strategy.

Kenneth gives some tips such as ensuring the products in the end cap are timely and show value rather than just lower prices. This is the same information that True Value uses to become even more successful.

Kenneth Goodgame graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Marketing. He has gained a lot of experience from working in various companies. Between 2010 and 2013, he was the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

According to HBSDealer, Kenneth Goodgame also worked in Techtronic Industries North America where he led the company’s branches Baja Motors and Direct Tools Factory Outlets as President. From 2002 to 2007, he worked in Newell Rubbermaid. Within this period, the company recorded a growth of up to $490 million. He worked in different departments of the company and made major improvements in all of them. Between 1994 and 2002, Kenneth Goodgame worked at The Home Depot in Atlanta.