End Citizens United: Fighting Today’s Injustices

In light of the political scene in America, a lot of organizations have been arising, which are fighting for change in society. A large number of people in the country are unhappy with the way things are going and want to find a way to fight against the injustice that is taking place in the American society. End Citizens United is one such organization that is currently trying their best to bring about a difference in society by bringing about a change in the political systems. The organization was formed by a group of like minded people who shared mutual feelings towards the political scenario in the country. The fact remains that a lot of people in the country feel like their voices can’t be heard just because they aren’t rich, powerful or famous. Because of this, the common people tend to retreat and not voice their opinions, leaving only the rich, powerful or famous with the chance to speak their minds.


This especially increased after the Supreme Court placed precedent for a law that went by the name of Citizens United. Though the title may seem like it is meant to bring together the people of the country, it infact did just the contrary. Citizens United was meant to give power to company owners and people who had a lot of money. Because of Citizens United, these people could now invest into political parties, without being questioned for it. This in turn, gave rise to numerous injustices in the political systems and parties, with corruption spreading in all corners. This was the break point where the gap between the rich and the common people of America began to widen even further. In a way, people with money were given more powers than those who don’t, causing widespread discomfort among the people.


Political parties could now receive donations, with neither person being questioned, resulting in tax evasion for the person who was giving the money. In addition, political parties began performing favors for people with a lot of money, asking for compensation in return, which again, could not be questioned. Being swayed by money, political parties and their candidates began to start setting laws and regulations in favor of the people that were donating to them, and not necessarily for the benefit of the masses.


Since its inception, End Citizens United has broadened its horizons, to try and support the people in the current political scenario. Most recently, the organization received a lot of light after it released a campaign called “Independent Investigation Now”, after the recent firing of FBI Director, James Comey. The organization is trying to persuade senators and people in power to call on a private investigation, and to find out for sure if Donald Trump is responsible for colluding with Russia, as has been circulating around media sources.