Dick DeVos Helps Contribute to John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Recently the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has been able to reach its fundraising goal of $50 million during one year. As a result of this goal being reached, the organization plans to raise its goal to around $75 million in the near future. With more money raised, the arts center will have the resources necessary to expand its programs as well as help keep the organization operating at its best. The organization was able to reach its goal with the help of a number of donors making tens of millions of dollars worth of donations. One of the top contributors to this organization is Dick DeVos. Since DeVos is an avid fan of the arts he has provided the organization with a lot of money to help it achieve its funding goals on an annual basis.

Dick DeVos is a well known businessman and philanthropist who make contributions to a number of charitable organizations. The main causes he makes donations to are for the performing arts, education and business. One of the most common causes he makes contributions to is the arts. Along with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, DeVos also holds arts contests in order to allow artists to showcase their talents. He awards those who win contests with the best work. With his contributions to the arts he helps these organizations reach a number of goals including the expansion of exhibitions, improvement of operations as well as education and professional development for managers of such organizations.

Another cause that Dick makes contributions to is education. His main focus in contributions to education is providing scholarships for business school students. Since business school can be quite expensive, very few can easily afford it. DeVos’ program helps give students the money they need to take advantage of this great opportunity. With a business school scholarship, students will get the knowledge they need in order to improve their employment prospects, reach their career goals and also learn how to become top level managers.

Lastly DeVos makes donations for programs that help people start up their own business. His financial contributions help businesses acquire more property and inventory which will help it expand and have the ability to provide more products for their customers. The programs also offer individuals to get education which will help them have the knowledge they need in order to maximize their chances of success in business.

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