Dynamic Relationships throughout Market America Contribute to Individual and Company Success

Market America provides its independent partners a clear path for developing a business plan in order to succeed. Established in 1992 by J.R. Ridinger the company’s mission is to provide the best opportunity for independent partners to reach their full business potential while serving retail products and services to customers.

With more than three million customers around the world, this creates a great opportunity for independent partners and entrepreneurs looking to build a business of their own. Through unprecedented support from the company, there are countless opportunities to seize upon to reach higher levels of achievement based on individual goals. Market America has created an enterprise that other online retailers are unable to match due to exclusive agreements with almost 200,000 distributors worldwide. Additionally, through the company’s website shop.com, customers are able to share in those exclusive relationships by receiving cash back offers on select products. It’s a reassuring way to do business that is highly receptive to customers.

To date, Market America has sold more than $7 billion in products and service. Independent partners have been able to share within that success by earning a cumulative $2.2 billion in retail profits through commission. The company also does not hold back on awards and gifts which helps keep the momentum and excitement continuing for independent partners. Market America holds events throughout the year to encourage and support their independent partners, and many of them are able to accomplish even more success after networking with teams at the events and establishing supportive relationships. It’s a heartening sight at each event with an atmosphere that is positive and uplifting which is not a typical sight at brick and mortar corporate events.


The slogan by Market America is that the company is “built on product – powered by people”. There has never been a more truthful slogan chosen a company. It befits the engagement of everyone involved from the distributors to the independent partners who ultimately serve extremely satisfied customers. Market America is based in Greensboro, North Carolina with retail operations in several countries. The company employs an estimated 650 people through their global operations.


JustFab May Be Ready to Go Public

According to a recent article in the LA Times, JustFab is headed toward an IPO, or Initial Public Offering, at the stock exchange when many subscription start ups are failing. Just Fab is thriving with such brands as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and Shoe Dazzle, they seem to be gaining more steam with each year.

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JustFab online company is a subscription based fashion company that delivers inexpensive clothes, shoes, and bags to its almost 4 million members. In the first quarter of 2016, it turned a major profit. It is headed towards a profit of 650 millions, which is an increase of 505 million from last year. They will start making changes soon, like finding a new name. Also, the company has brought on board Todd Tapin, an executive known from helping companies go public, which has caused the rumors to start that Just Fab may be going public soon. Just Fab has been able to lead the way, even fighting off copy cat companies with their trendy fashions, great customer service, and consistent quality.

JustFab attribute their success to constantly growing their company for the sake of their customers. They acquired ShoeDazzle and Fab Kids and offer brands like Fabletics and FL2. Even non members can purchase off the web site, the prices are much higher than members. One of the benefits of membership is the discounts. Also, members have the option to skip during the first five months, so this option can be helpful for members who do not wish to pay that month.

JustFab always sends the customers products that they pick out themselves. The company wants to make sure that they are holding to their standard and maintaining a good relationship with their client base. These two features, the opt out and the delivering only what is wanted, has been key to maintaining loyal customers. See: https://www.facebook.com/justfab/

JustFab is an internet based, subscription service that costs 39.95 per month. Members take an initial quiz so the selections on their feed are personalized. They have the opportunity to select the products at a discount and receive other promotions.
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Sporting Goods Stores Sink as Fabletics Rises

Athleisure clothing, clothing constructed for athletic use but worn for comfort and style, has made it into the closets of men and women everywhere. People are attracted to the comfort of athleisure clothing, and many people feel motivated to stick to their exercise routines by embracing athleisure fashion. However, while men and women are pleased with their new fashion sense, some businesses are starting to see a downside to the trend.
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Big box sporting goods retailers used to be the ideal place to purchase athleisure clothing. However, once fashion designers started catering to the athleisure market, it made more sense for consumers to purchase their athleisure outfits from fashion specialists. If people really wanted clothing for actual exercise, they would purchase something inexpensive from a department store. If they wanted a great athleisure outfit, they would turn to a specific athleisure retailer.

One of these companies is Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that will mail an athleisure outfit to your home once a month. When you sign up for the service, you simply answer a few questions about yourself and your style.

While big box sporting goods stores grumble about the challenges athleisure fashion creates for their business model, you can find comfort and style in athleisure clothing thanks to a company like Fabletics.

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Use Of Visual Search Technology To Boost Business

Slyce Inc. is one of the top product search platforms. It announced it official launch of the visual search technology with Shoe Carnival which was one of the leading US retailers in footwear and accessories. This fusion will be of significant value to Shoe Carnival as it will enable mobile visitors the opportunity to log into ShoeCarnival.com to take a photo of the footwear. Usually these photos could be in other magazines or in the real world. After taking the pictures, you can opt to purchase the shoes.

The vice president of Shoe Carnival, Kent Zimmerman admitted to the excitement for launching a mobile visual search functionality, particularly with Slyce. The company is planning on being ahead of all their competitors as well as meeting their customers’ needs and making it easier for them to access the products. Although Shoe Carnival is in Evansville, IN, it remains the largest retailers in US footwear with about 400 stores in 34 different countries and Puerto Rico too.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO of Slyce was impressed at the fusion of the two companies because it is one of their first large-scale visual search deployment in the marketplace that is entirely automated. With just a single photo with no additional info and a quick response gap, it is incredible useful to all users. In this arrangement, Slyce will get revenue from a monthly recurring software contract that includes licensing and service fees depending on the pricing model available during the term of the contract.

Slyce Inc. is a Toronto, ON based company that deals with visual search technology for desktop and mobile users. This software is vital when trying to enhance the sales of your products when dealing with both retailers, and customers too. This program enables customers to conveniently connect with retailers simply by taking snap shots of the desired item and letting their devices do the instant product recognition. Slyce Inc. offers its technology not only as a suite of mobile applications for the consumer but also as a white-label platform for visual search.
The technology used by this firm is preferred by large retail brands including Tilly’s, JCPenney, Home Depot as well as Neiman Marcus. There are several model features and revenue streams that have arisen from the consumer apps as well as the platform it uses.