Jeremy Goldstein: Finding a Lawyer in New York Made Easy

If you are currently having a legal case, you need to be represented by a professional lawyer. The market is currently full of individuals who claim to offer the best legal representation in the best situations. However, this is not what they deliver when the case is taken to court. Many people have failed miserably in the cases they were handling just because they were being handled by lawyers who were not qualified enough. New Yorkers, however, do not have to worry about getting good lawyers anymore. The people who are based in this part of the country will enjoy extraordinary services whenever they need someone to take on a battle in court. The charges of lawyers’ keeps going up, but the new services for the people in New York will not charge too much for the services they will deliver. Learn more:


Locating an experienced lawyer will now take just a few minutes or less. The convenient and highly confidential online method that has been introduced by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service is out of the world. This organization was established several years ago. With time, people begun to realize that the operations that were being carried out in this company were excellent, and they were the best in the market. The New York State Bar Association is responsible for starting the company. The legal department is not always a walk in the park for any professionals who are interested in the industry. The only people who have made it in this market are those who have the best skills because they have the best knowledge and expertise. The online portal that has been introduced fits the description all people want to have.


Using the new LRIS online services, people will have better services to enjoy regardless of the time of the day. These services will be readily available to the community at a very affordable fee. The telephone service will not cease to operate. News from the organization state that all the lawyers acquired through the platform will be the best, given that they have been working in this market for years. Jeremy Goldstein is among those few experienced lawyers who can be hired when using the new services.


Jeremy Goldstein takes a prestigious role in New York legal representation department. The lawyer has started a law firm that is based in this part of the world. For many years, the experienced lawyer has worked with the corporate section, ensuring that they have the knowledge they desperately need when operating their businesses. Follow Goldstein on Twitter


Avicii Honoured by The Chainsmokers at the Billboard Music Awards

Avicii Honoured by The Chainsmokers at the Billboard Music Awards

Did you know that an award ceremony can be turned to a commemoration? This is what happened at the Billboard Music Awards.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey turned the Billboard Music Awards into a commemoration. The two parties honored Tim Bergling commonly known as Avicii. Avicii, the esteemed DJ, and producer, died on April 20, aged 28. Avicii died when some of his works had not been released – they may be released according to Geffen Records, the late DJ’s label.

The Chainsmokers is a duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They are DJs and producers. Their success was marked by their song ‘#Selfie’ – a top single – in 2014. They have other music that has topped charts. The Bouquet, their first Extended Play(EP) is work that was released in 2015 and featured the single ‘Roses.’ Another work ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ made it to the Grammy list is ensured they were awarded the Grammy Award for the best Dance recording. The Chainsmokers` second EP, college was released in 2016. Their first album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ followed the play in 2017.

In 2012, The Chainsmokers was formed by former DJ Rhett and Pall. It regrouped after Rhett left and started being managed by Adam Alpert in NYC. Alpert later introduced Pall to Taggart – who was working at an art gallery in Manhattan. Taggart who had an interest in Djing joined them after Rhett left.

Pall and Taggart get their skills from the university education. Pall went to NYU to study art and music business while Taggart attended Syracuse University and interned at Interscope Records. The two have also worked with other artists like Priyanka Chopra – releasing ‘Erase’ and ‘The Rookie.’

According to Taggart, their music blurs the lines between pop music, hip-hop, indie and dance music. The Chainsmokers get inspiration from works of deadmau5 and Pharrell Williams. And they appreciate the influence Avicii works and performances. For this reason, they said that Avicii was an artist who meant much to them and inspired many in many ways.

Halsey added that Avicii was joy and it was painful to accept the reality of his death.


The legal profession has reported several positive news around the world, and some of them are highlighted below.

Ross Abelow is one of the best lawyers in New York who specializes in matrimonial, family and law for entertainment and athletes. He assists people in drawing up living wills in cases of sudden terminal illness. The attorney is also versed in contract law and he can be able to identify loopholes in contractual documents.

Professional conduct

Professional ethics is one highly regarded aspect in the legal profession. All attorneys are guided by a set of rules on how to conduct themselves as they deliver their services to their clients.

Competent lawyers

Ross Abelow is one competent lawyer with a practicing license and is admitted to the bar. He is therefore competent for all the said areas.

In the same way, lawyers are specialized in a particular area of practice. Therefore, when looking or a lawyer to assist you in say criminal matters, ensure that you look for a lawyer versed in the criminal trial procedures and one who can help you win your case. When you have a legal issue, analyze it and decide on which kind of lawyer you need. Ensure that the lawyer has specialized in this field before hiring them. The good news is that you can check up the lawyers and their areas of specialization online and get the right lawyer for your case.

Conflicts of interest
Most lawyers know that conflict of interest is the worst kind of mistake that they can do in their line of work. They, therefore, avoid any issues concerning conflict of interest and recommend another attorney to do the job. Lawyers like Ross Abelow know best about conflict of interest, when to identify it and how to deal with it professionally.

Establishing a law firm has now become an easy process in most states, unlike in the past when putting up a company was a nightmare. Currently, one needs to have practiced for a short time so as to set up a law firm and conduct their private business and enables attorneys not to be tied up working for the public sector, and they can now start up their own businesses.

Pro bono cases have been increasingly reported and this helps many people who have legal problems but cannot afford attorney fees. They get lawyers who can take up their cases for free. Most law societies ensure that the attorneys give back to the community.