Divergent Technologies Offer Efficient IT Staffing and Solutions

John Goullet is a principal in divergent Technologies LLC. He founded info technologies in 1994 and became its first CEO. In addition, he served as a computer consultant before founding his company. The aim was to understand the corporate climate and IT staffing needs of various clients then matching the work and personality.

Divergent LLC offers IT staffing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies and medium market businesses in the US. Some of the IT services include user design services, temporary, IT staff augmentation, contingent and direct hire solutions for permanent and contract solutions.

Additionally, the company engages in veterans and minor business enterprise programs. It also gives an assortment of jobs to those doing job searches. The jobs range from mobile and apps technology developing, database administrators, creative designers, networking administrators and project managers.

The IT solutions firm has a faster growth rate reflecting the capability of the company to offer efficient and diverse solutions. Fortune 500 customers greatly benefit from the IT personnel it provides which have contributed to the high standing of the company in the IT industry.

The biggest contributing factor to its success is the consultative approach it uses. The firm views its consultants and clients as business associates and strives to understand their needs and particular problems. Divergent Technologies LLC develop strategic solutions to help its customers.

John Goullet has been a principal of divergent Technologies since 2010. The company lists among the top 10 fastest growing privately owned companies by Inc. magazine. Goullet is a highly successful entrepreneur who has spearheaded the growth of many firms in the IT industry.

John Goullet worked for companies like TSR Consultants, 3D Information Services, and the Constell Group. John established his company with the help of extensive knowledge acquired on market trends. Info Technologies focuses on understanding IT staffing needs and the business climate for its customers. His company merged with divergent Technologies to establish the new incorporation where he is the chief director.

To meet these needs, Goullet combines the work and personality designs of the consultants and respective clients’ skill sets. John Goullet holds a bachelor and masters in computer science degree from Ursinus College.

FreedomPop Captures the Attention of Millions of Smartphone Users

FreedomPop is a company that is getting customers interested in cell phone plans where the service is free. This is one of the most amazing aspects of FreedomPop. Many people may not have assumed that the concept of free cell phone service would exist. FreedomPop, however, has brought this to life. This is a company that is expanding beyond free phone service and giving people access to free Internet service in their homes.

There are also some people that are relying on FreedomPop for a free smartphone. This is a company that is offering refurbished cell phones that are cheap. Customers that have their own phones can use the FreedomPop service without buying a new phone, but they can get cheap phones if there is a need through smartphone. These phones are offered by the FreedomPop FreedomShop.

The easiest thing for people to do is check out a FreedomPop review and see what other customers are saying about the service. Customers that want to try this really have nothing to lose. There is no contract. There are no fees for cancelling the service. People that want to try this out can do it without any type of risk.

There is even a plan that allows people to get unlimited service with FreedomPop. This company offers this for $5 a month. Many cell phone carriers are offering unlimited service, but none of these companies are going to provide unlimited service for $5 a month. That is what has made people appreciate FreedomPop even more. Some people will opt for the free basic plan for FreedomPop, but many people that are discovering the $5 plan are going to get this type of service.

The free Internet home service in the home has made this one of the best alternatives for Internet Service Providers like Comcast or Charter. There are already people that have completely cut their Internet and cable service. FreedomPop gives people the chance to get the Internet service in the home and this – coupled with free phone service – will give people the chance to save a ton of money. There are a lot of people that will appreciate what this company has been able to do because cell phone bills and Internet bills combined can cost as much as $400. FreedomPop has managed to change a lot of things for all of those that have been struggling with their bills.

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