Mighty Faith at Mighty Fortress Church

The Pastor Williams boasts on its intention to offer the Word of God as opposed to a show meant to entertain the congregation. He believes the Word of God gives you help and a way out, but he tells the people that they must listen to the Word for it to work. The congregation must then act on what they heard with faith and drive. In addition to his faith, Pastor Williams shows his humility by expressing his prayers for God to make him a man of God. He worships the Lord in song and leads the congregation to join him.

Learn: https://patch.com/minnesota/minneapolis/announcements/a/24637/mighty-fortress-church-to-celebrate-resurection-sunday

Mighty Fortress Church holds its services in Brooklyn Park, MN, a suburb northwest of downtown Minneapolis. Senior pastor and founder, Dr. Thomas R. Williams and his wife, Lady Sabrina Williams lead the ministry and expresses their appreciation for those who support the church’s efforts. The ministry desires to spread its reach outside the boundaries of its current Brooklyn Park location and believes God for the growth of the church. He and the church pray for the increase and a building worthy to hold the ministry. Read more on positivethefacts.com.

The strength and moral fortitude of a church shows in the actions and beliefs of its leader(s). It seems that the foundations of this ministry include God’s word, faith, worship, action, as well as the operation of spiritual gifts. Pastor Williams wishes to expand the ministry and call people to God for as far as he tries to reach. If he continues in the path that he now follows, the ministry is sure to spread everywhere he goes. Brooklyn Park has a resource for worship that offers strong godly leadership. Minneapolis and the rest of the world may catch hold and follow this humble man of God and his faith-based ministry. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.