Dynamic Relationships throughout Market America Contribute to Individual and Company Success

Market America provides its independent partners a clear path for developing a business plan in order to succeed. Established in 1992 by J.R. Ridinger the company’s mission is to provide the best opportunity for independent partners to reach their full business potential while serving retail products and services to customers.

With more than three million customers around the world, this creates a great opportunity for independent partners and entrepreneurs looking to build a business of their own. Through unprecedented support from the company, there are countless opportunities to seize upon to reach higher levels of achievement based on individual goals. Market America has created an enterprise that other online retailers are unable to match due to exclusive agreements with almost 200,000 distributors worldwide. Additionally, through the company’s website shop.com, customers are able to share in those exclusive relationships by receiving cash back offers on select products. It’s a reassuring way to do business that is highly receptive to customers.

To date, Market America has sold more than $7 billion in products and service. Independent partners have been able to share within that success by earning a cumulative $2.2 billion in retail profits through commission. The company also does not hold back on awards and gifts which helps keep the momentum and excitement continuing for independent partners. Market America holds events throughout the year to encourage and support their independent partners, and many of them are able to accomplish even more success after networking with teams at the events and establishing supportive relationships. It’s a heartening sight at each event with an atmosphere that is positive and uplifting which is not a typical sight at brick and mortar corporate events.


The slogan by Market America is that the company is “built on product – powered by people”. There has never been a more truthful slogan chosen a company. It befits the engagement of everyone involved from the distributors to the independent partners who ultimately serve extremely satisfied customers. Market America is based in Greensboro, North Carolina with retail operations in several countries. The company employs an estimated 650 people through their global operations.