EOS and the Mighty Dream

Evolution of Smooth’s (EOS) founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky started with a dream of bringing a shake up to the aisle of the drugstore with beauty products. After doing heavy market research they found their target. In the area of lip balm, the competition had become stale and lazy. They found that new features were entirely price point based and that the entire industry was due for a refreshing take. EOS lip balm found that for a habit that was done daily, women were not enjoying applying lip balm. Women were frustrated losing the small tubes of Chapstick in their bags, and while a pot shape for lip balm sounded good, they didn’t want to resort to using their fingers to apply. The founders brought in a clay artist to help create a smooth container that awoke all five senses. It smelled and tasted great, was lightweight, colorful and made a satisfying click when you opened the lid. EOS lip balm was fundamentally groundbreaking in an industry filled with tubes and discounts. At the same time it was not different enough that it would be viewed as a fad. They ran into a problem though as most buyers of department stores were men. They had tailored the product to women and as a result were having issues moving sales. They finally found a female buyer working for Wal-Mart who after that the first order opened the floodgates. Soon their products were everywhere including eBay, and they soon realized they had to invest in themselves if they wanted to compete on a large scale. After consulting with manufacturing experts they had themselves an almost fully automated production. They are now everywhere, from pop star endorsements, to Facebook, and they are continuing to look for new areas to bring this innovation to. Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/ to learn more.