Get to Know about Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. He was appointed as the CEO of the firm in the year 2011. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Arts and English from the University of South Sewanee. He also holds a master’s degree of Architecture from the Tulane University. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

After his education, Robert Ivy became a chief editor of the Architectural Record. He later served as the Editorial Director and Vice President of the McGraw-Hill Construction Media. Under his leadership, he helped the firm grow and become the most read architectural journal in the entire world.

Robert Ivy’s Awards

Under his leadership and name, Robert Ivy has earned various publishing industry awards and honors which include premier magazine broadcasting and journalism award and the National Magazine Award. Also, the Architectural Record Company earned the 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and 7 Ozzies including the 2008 MPA Digital Award and the Folio Design Awards for the website of the year.

In the year 2009, he was the award winner of American Business Media which was one of the highest honors for an individual. Robert Ivy also received McGraw-Hill Award for the Management Excellence in the year 1998. In the year 2010, the national architecture fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi voted for his name unanimously for the effectiveness in communicating the importance and value of design. Robert is also the Senior Fellow of Design Futures Council. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

The Perks of Professional Organizations

School and on-the-job training provide workers with skills and knowledge on how to perform their duties well. But for most positions, there is more to learn, and this is where professional firms and societies come in. According to the American Society of Association Executives, there were approximately 92,000 professional and trade associations in the United States in the year 2010.

While the main function of the trade associations is to attract organizations as members, professional society associates recruit individual employees. The main benefits of joining a professional society include educational programs, opportunities to create and build credibility, chances to network job hunting help and industry interests.