Does Kabbalah Centre Uphold What Hollywood Celebrities Think About It?

Years after Madonna joined Kabbalah Centre; the Jewish Mysticism quickly attracted a lot more celebrities. Madonna joined Kabbalah and invested a lot in opening several centers and learning the ancient Jewish Tradition. Years later many some decorated Hollywood celebrities including Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Sammy Davis, the late Elizabeth Taylor, the late Marilyn Monroe and Sandra Bernhard, joined the Jewish Mysticism. This move by these celebrities left many American shocked.

What Is Fascinating About Kabbalah Centre?

According to Paris Hilton and Sandra Bernhard, joining Kabbalah helped them gain peace and strength to deal with life challenging and stressful moments. This belief is also held by most of the Kabbalah Centre students. Another group of these Hollywood stars such as Sammy Davis joined the Jewish Mysticism to become part of a 5000-year-old history. Being a black American, he felt that his background and the Jews history were comparable regarding the challenges the two cultures had undergone. Therefore, he joined Judaism to become part of this historical strength to endure.

Another school of thought led by Madonna and the late Elizabeth Taylor believe that Kabbalah was put on earth to help people. These beliefs made Elizabeth Taylor give herself in exchange of over 100 Israelis held by terrorists in Uganda. On her part, Marilyn Monroe felt that Judaism brings about the feeling of a close family. It can, therefore, be argued that whatever is interesting with Kabbalah Centre is purely judgmental and what others find fascinating about it may not be amazing to you.

Kabbalah Centre in Brief

Kabbalah Centre International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to disseminating the Kabbalistic wisdom. It is aimed at equipping people with wisdom to improve their lives and eliminate chaos from the world. The Los Angeles-based organization offers two learning platforms for those who are interested in learning Jewish mysticism, online platform and through regional offices in different regions worldwide.

In the United States, Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1965 and was opened in Los Angeles in 1984. Traditionally, Kabbalah Centre teaching was done to individuals with a Hebrew or Jewish backgrounds. However, today the lessons are available to everyone who is interested. It is imperative to understand that Kabbalah Centre is not an alternative to any religion but can supplement all faiths.

The Kabbalah Religion

Kaballah is the form of Judaism that is mystical. In plain language, Kabballah refers to the mysticism in Jewish that dates back to the times of the second Temple. This is approximately four decades before the coming of Jesus Christ. For many years now, the Kabbalah religion has been in existence as one of the most carefully guarded mouth tradition before it was first dispersed and systemized in the Middle Ages. The Kabbalistic view of the world was expressed as the most important in the Yelkut Reā€™uveni in 1660 by Reuben Hoeshke. It also made its way into the prayer books as well as the ethics and customs books.

The Kabbalah Centre’s focus is one that is very simultaneous in immanence as well as transcendence of the Creator. With the latter and formerly described in the sefirot, it gives its attribute to God there are ten sefirots in the entire universe, and it is with these sefirot that God used in creating the world. Each human being has a fraction of the sefirot. Each human being has a similar quality. Speculation and revelation re the ways that can best describe the aspect of the human being as well as his relationship with God. The hidden side of God is also referred to as the feminine side of God. This complements the fact that there is a masculine r external side of God according to Tanach. There is also a female side or the aspect of the female side of God. It is also called the Shekinah which is traditionally referred to as the divine presence and is often associated with the light.

To add to that unique insight of the divine nature, the modern Kabbalah also includes the teachings in astrology, magic as well as neurology that also incorporates the eastern ideas like the chakras and the auras.

The Kabbalah Centre international is a nonprofit organization that has its headquarters situated in Los Angeles California. It is an institution that provides the teachings of the religion online as well as the city-based centers that are located in most parts of the world.