George Soros; The Pride of Investment Banking

George Soros is one of the most successful financiers. His views on investments plans as well as economic issues are widely applicable in our modern business world. George was born in Budapest, 1930.

George Soros is also an astounding author. George Soros has written fourteen books. His books expound more on investments and business. They also share his views on politics, economics, philanthropy and open societies.

In his fascinating book, The New Paradigm for Financial Markets, George Soros argues that the standard economic assumption that demand and supply determine prices; is the basis for understanding financial markets.

In the midst of the most severe financial crisis, George Soros seeks to explore the origins of the economic upheavals and the effects they might result to shortly on Soros has a great experience when it comes to handling capital markets.

He says that the current market crisis is as a result of how individuals handle the boom and bust cycles. These cycles are supposed to dominate the world’s economic activity. According to Soros d the current market troubles are the worst that has been experienced since the1930s.
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George Soros is a major a major proponent of globalization. He goes on to question many institutions that have failed to keep up with our global economy. China, for instance, is an example of such. The country’s devaluation is becoming a major global problem.

George Soros argues that economics is a form of morals. Our societies and economies cannot function without a distinct system of ethics. That means the society has to understand what is wrong or right for our current economy.

As we look toward the future some of the questions that arise are; why are our jobs disappearing? Why is our economy deteriorating? Individuals and economists can’t stop to wonder if the power of our economy will take a positive direction and bring about the desired changes.

However, George Soros offers a new paradigm for the theory of reflexivity which underlies his unique investment strategies. It is filled with expert advice and valuable business lessons. It aids to bring the institutions and the economy back into fixed positions.

George is committed to the idea of an open society. He is a great ally of human rights and a responsible system of administration. He founded the Open Society Foundations. These foundations have been of great aid.

For instance, they support lawyers to represent thousands of individuals unlawfully imprisoned without any legal representations. The Foundations have also provided school and university fees for thousands of promising students. The students include young refugees from conflicts in Roma and youth from other marginalized groups.

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George Soros is the best fund manager in history. He is an original thinker. Soros makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the great economic crisis. He also exposes us to the implications the crisis brings into our nation and the world.