Rocketship Education: A Unique Way of Teaching

The Rocketship Education System is an American alternative learning system which provides a chance for low-income families to send their children to a quality school. The Rocketship Education System is building schools in poor neighborhoods across the United States, and one of their dreams is to see the lives of their students change because of learning. The system is also unique, as they do not rely on the academic performance of their students alone, but also with their innate skills and talents. They are also teaching their students on how to be responsible citizens, urging them to promote good manners and right conduct. Another unique trait of the Rocketship Education System is the inclusion of the parents and the community in the children’s learning process.

Across the United States, students coming from schools under the Rocketship Education System are scoring the highest, based on their performance on a nationwide assessment examination. The students are being trained by their teachers and parents to answer all of the examination questions accurately, without pressuring them if they do not want to. Because of the positive vibe that the school provides, the children are becoming more active in listening and studying, and another reason is the inclusion of their parents in their learning process. Students are being rewarded accordingly because of their performance, and the entire school would make it possible for a small event to take place if one of their students bagged a significant prize at any competition outside of school. According to the school administration running the Rocketship Education System, every achievement of their students, whether academic or not, deserves to be celebrated.

The students studying at Rocketship Education System are being taught using a unique method. Most of the times, the teachers would have to go to their student’s house and observe how they live. Through immersion, they would have a glimpse of why the student behaves this way, and it will give the teacher a chance to identify how they can correct the behavior. In other cases, the teachers would formulate a technique on how to teach the child based on what they have seen. Through the years of operating, this method seemed to be effective.