Dr. Rod Rohrich – A World Class Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Texas

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a world class plastic surgeon practicing in Dallas, Texas. His practice offers a wide variety of services and consultation options. Dr. Rohrich performs cosmetic surgeries on the face and neck including face lifts, rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, and biepharoplasty. He also provides breast surgeries including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. His practice includes body contouring as well including tummy tuck, liposuction, and body lift. Finally, Dr. Rohrich performs skin and laser cosmetic surgeries including laser resurfacing and chemical peel.

Prior to surgery, patients must meet with Dr. Rohrich in order to have a consultation to help him understand what you would like done and your overall expectations of the procedure (s) you are seeking. During the consulation, Dr. Rohrich will perform and examination and take into account skin tone and the natural contour of the body.

Afterward, Dr. Rohrich will provide a detailed explanation of the specific surgical procedures that are most appropriate for you. In order to gain the best results, patients who are seeking cosmetic surgery should be healthy, non-smoking, and active. Living a healthy lifestyle prior to surgery is of extreme importance. Living a healthy lifestyle includes engaging in regular physical activity, avoiding alcohol, and practicing healthy eating habits.

Healthy lifestyle habits prior to cosmetic surgery will allow the results of the surgery to be long lasting. Prior to consultation, patients should be prepared to discuss their medical histories. This includes information regarding pre-existing medical conditions, medical treatments you have received in the past, previous surgeries, drug allergies, and medications that you are currently taking. It is extremely important to disclose all information regarding your medical history as completely and accurately as possible. Following your consultation with Dr. Rohrich, photos will be taken of you to be used within your medical record for surgical planning.

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Dr. Saad Talks About The Tough Life That Drove Him To Success

Dr. Saad Saad talked about his career as a pediatric surgeon. He has a fascinating life story to share and he also has life lessons to share that he has already taught his children. Dr. Saad as finally reached retirement after spending 47 years helping his medical clients. He has made a lasting impression with his inventions, service and sacrifices.


Formative Years

Dr. Saad is a native of Palestine, born in the 1940s. At the time, that area was experiencing dramatic and rapid differences. When the State of Israel was built several Palestinians had to find a new home. Dr. Saad’s father was traveling for business and his mother was forced to take a bus with her children to a foreign place.


Point Of No Return

The day they had to leave she left the key under mat and her and kids took nothing but the clothes they wore. They thought was that this would be a short roundtrip.

The sad part is that return trip did not happen. The family was being permanently transferred to West Bank, never to return to their original home. His father finally found them after searching for hours and then paying a boat captain a large sum to take him across the river where his family was. Dr. Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic when Middle East oil was first being discovered and sold to foreign places.


Starting Over In Foreign Land

In the 1950s when mechanics were a strong field, he relocated the family to Kuwait. This is where Dr. Saad spent the majority of his childhood. While Dr. Saad was in school, his father taught him to look at his hard situation. He was experiencing a resettling, he had no country, no apparent future, and no passport. He advised Dr. Saad that the only way he would gain respect is by getting highly educated. Equipped with a high level of education he understood he was capable of anything and he could be anybody. One time in the 1960s Dr. Saad accompanied his brother to a construction site in Kuwait. Dr. Saad was in high school at the time. The heat began to get unbearable, and after a while Dr. Saad fell ill and in time he fainted. Once he regained consciousness, he learned that the heat of the summer had given him a heat stroke. This is when he realized he wasn’t built for outdoor labor work. Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Practice on Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor from Atlanta who specializes in medical aesthetics. He is a licensed physician in surgery by the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. The doctor studied at Tulane University Medical School where he graduated with a Medical Degree in 1999. While studying for his degree, Dr. McKenna who is also business-minded also wanted to make extra money through the real estate business. For this reason, the doctor joined his father who was in the industry by establishing his real estate business in New Orleans.

Nevertheless, Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions of dollars during the natural calamity of the hurricane Katrina. After the aftermath, he rebuilt his company but later sold it and went back to Atlanta where he established his own practice called ShapeMed. The ShapeMed facility consisted of several offices that specialized in treatments such as laser hair removal, weight therapies, nutrition, and Botox injections. Again, Dr. McKenna would later sell his chain of businesses to Lifetime Fitness Company in 2015 and became part of its staff before resigning after another private entity acquired it.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Venture in Atlanta

Dr. Marks McKenna recently established a new business which is called the OVME that will function like the Uber app for Botox patients. The new venture entails an OVME app that can help customers connect with the freelance doctors who are available online which is a similar scenario of how the Uber services operate. OVME will be focusing on medical aesthetic to individuals and will also offer the minimally invasive procedures while enhancing looks. Additionally, Dr. McKenna who is business oriented says that he had always had a strong sense of entrepreneurship where he started when he was still in college.

Furthermore, the OVME will not only be an app but will exist physically at Buckhead, Atlanta as it is set to be launched in March. The OVME premises will incorporate four luxurious rooms as treatment areas while it will contain a private room for personal consultations. Dr. Mark McKenna design of the OVME product is to have a combination of the medical aesthetics using the cutting-edge type of technology. The doctor is confident with the launch of the facility that the residents of Atlanta will have a chance to get the best medical aesthetic experience with the exact results they desire.


Mark Mofid, the Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr.Mark Mofid, MD, is a plastic surgeon who has carved for himself a name in the field of plastic surgery, especially in gluteal augmentation, as well as other forms of surgery. A board-certified surgeon based in San Diego and La Jolla, Dr Mark Mofid has over time come up with creative and innovative ways to have this surgery performed on his clients with an excellent level of satisfaction and skill.

When he started doing buttock augmentation 11 years ago, Mark Mofid was frustrated by what was then available as implants. Most of these implants were not just right, and in most of his surgeries, he had to perform manually some adjustments on them before he could use them on any operation. He embarked on coming up with innovative ways in which could create new implants, which could do the job well and did not look as fake.

The Harvard and John Hopkins-trained surgeon that he is, did not disappoint and came up with a customised implant for Implantech used to solve a number of the issues that he and other surgeons got faced with in their operations. He offered it to be used by others without demanding royalties on his invention, which reflects on the kind heart and commitment to the profession that Mark Mofid has.

He decided to get his butt augmentation training from none but the best: Raul Gonzalez, MD, one of the most excellent plastic surgeons based in Brazil, the “home of plastic surgery,” and who has vast experience in practice, having conducted his first butt surgery in 1984. The mastery of his teacher is now in the student, and this has manifested in the latter’s practice. For example, in his attempt to come up with a correct silhouette size, he decided to research waist-to-hip ratio of playboy features over the centuries, and this gave him a workable ratio and more

As the accounts of his clients will show, Mark Mofid is committed to giving his clients the highest quality of reconstructive surgeries and combines it with a heart that is affectionate and a gentle personality. With a man of such a profile, any prospective clients can approach him with the confidence that he will give them what they have long desired to have.


Dr. Chris Villanueva, Helping Dentist

Dr. Villanueva is a well known American dentist. Dr. Chris Villanueva has been making the dentist world a better place. He recently started his own company named MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Chris Villanueva created this company because studies have been proven to show that team work makes the dream work. In his organization dentist from all around the world come together to share effective ideas with each other. The point of this organization is for all dentist to avoid and minimize common difficulties that occur in the dental profession by learning from other dentist in the field.

Dr. Chris Villanueva is a dentist himself. He has been prating in the field for several years now. MB2 Dental Solutions is unique because it is a company that is actually owned by a dentist. Dr. Chris Villanueva really enjoys his profession. Another thing he enjoys is being a mentor to resident dental students. This gives Dr. Chris Villanueva an opportunity to teach them beneficial lessons so that they will be prepared for their future careers.

When the leaders of MB2 Dental Solutions are now working, they are out enjoying some well deserved fun time. Leaders of MB2 Dental Solutions make sure that they take bi-annual getaways. In the recent vacations for the leaders they enjoy some fun in the sun while water rafting. It is just as important to have fun as it is to work. The fun that the leaders of MB2 Dental Solutions enjoyed was well deserved it because they are defiantly improving and changing lives for the good, and Dr. Chris Villanueva’s lacrosse camp.

MB2 Dental has helped patients have a better overall experience at the dentist. Since MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that is filled with dentist, dentist are allowed to ask each other any questions that they are unsure of about dentistry. This improves the patients overall experience because they are receiving better service. This will also help patients because all of their questions will be answered properly, and https://www.vitals.com/dentists/Dr_Chris_Villanueva.

MB2 Dental Solutions also boosts the confidence of dentist. In the company they are able to discuss any difficulties that they’ve been through in the past and how they overcame them. MB2 Dental Solutions is a great place for all dentist no matter if you’re just starting to practice or if you’ve been practicing for a while. All dentist are encouraged to join MB2 Dental Solutions. It is defiantly well worth it! and read full article.