Criminal Justice Technology Solutions with Securus Technologies

As Securus Technologies, we are a leader in providing criminal and civil justice technologies. Securus Technologies helps in the maintenance public safety, corrections and monitoring, and investigations. As a company, we have made an announcement posted on PR Newswire’s website to help in highlighting breaches of integrity and wrongdoings by other communications service providers in the criminal and civil justice industry.
Richard A. Smith, our company’s Chief Executive Officer, stated that we love our industry: corrections, serving law enforcements, inmates, friends and family, and inclusive of all the society. Our CEO and the entire industry have been offended by how some carriers bends below the integrity bar in contrast with other carriers and the set standards. Our business’ mission as Securus America Technology goes beyond making money. The mission is serving our customers in the right way, with integrity, while holding the client’s best interests at heart.

Among the notable malpractices of other carriers in the industry include; unlawful programming of clocks, scheduling of the telephones at higher rates than the allowed and artificially inflating charges to get more money from customers. Billing of a single call more than once is another way used by some carriers to loot the customers. Mr. Smith, our CEO, stated that the clients in the industry require a high integrity level and not intentional malpractices.

Our company, Securus Technologies, has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. We serve a broad range of clientele with over 3,450 agencies in the public safety, corrections, and law enforcements. Across North America, Securus Technologies serves more than 1,200,000 inmates. See, BBB.

As Securus Technologies, our core commitments are to serve and connect. We make this possible by providing public information, incident management, emergency response, and information management. The monitoring of products and services accompanied by biometric analysis, inmate self-service, investigation, and communication, helps in securing the world in which we live.

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