The Trajectory of Seattle Genetics & Why Clay Siegall Is So Valuable

In the world of cancer research, time is of the essence. Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases of all-time, and it will spread throughout the body if left untreated. Cancer research plays a huge role in delivering information as well as developing drugs to fight this disease. Without this dynamic field of work, we as a people wouldn’t be equipped to handle the ravaging effects of this deadly illness. Clay Siegall, Ph.D, M.D., has had his hands full ever since he stepped onto the scene. He started his professional career over 30 years ago as a senior researcher for Bristol Myers Squibb. As of today, Siegall is the CEO for one of the medical industry’s leading oncology companies.

Clay Siegall is a philanthropist, a doctor, a scientist, a businessman and an entrepreneur. When he was at the University of Maryland, he was able to attain an undergraduate degree. While he was at George Washington University, he earned a medical doctorate. These two prominent titles came in the fields of biology and in genetics. Seattle Genetics, located in Bothell, Washington, has become a steamboat of a company as it is outperforming many of the other similar companies in its class. It has been around for 20 years, and it has grown at a dramatic rate. As of today, this company has been visited by prominent politicians, and it has an estimated 900 employees. With more advancements in the works, the company is looking to go on another hiring blitz to employ another 200 people.

“The company has around 20 drugs sitting in the pipeline and four of them have huge potential,” said Dr. Siegall. Seattle Genetics earns capital from multiple avenues such as the selling of its own proprietary drugs, through production partnerships, from private fundraising as well as via licensing of its technologies.