How Bernardo Chua Helps To Improve The Lives Of Others

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of ORGANO, which is a direct sales company selling coffee and tea, among other food products. Prior to opening his own company, Chua worked as an executive for Gano Excel where he helped to expand the company in the North American region.

Chua has stated that one of his biggest accomplishments has been the founding and global growth of ORGANO. It is through his company that, Bernardo Chua has been able to help many people improve their health, be able to offer jobs that allow others to financially provide for their families, as well as aid his distributors in growth and revenue. This accomplishment is most appealing to me because despite the company’s growth, Chua does not seem to lose sight in his willingness to help others. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Helping people improve their health goes back to an herb called ganoderma that is sold within ORGANO’s products. Although Chua grew up in the Philippines, his Chinese heritage allowed him to gain knowledge of such an herb. Ganoderma can be found around the world but is especially sought-after in many Asian countries because it is believed to help support a healthy immune system. Chua is one of the first to successfully market the herb with teas and coffee outside the Asian market.

Along with an aim toward healthy products, the OG Care Foundation was created with the growth of the company and aims toward helping disadvantaged youth around the world. Bernardo Chua’s drive and passion to help others paved the way for the development of his business model. He describes direct selling as a “people-driven-business,” and believes you must love people at any level in the industry in order to be successful. This allowed Chua to construct a globally flourishing company. Read more:

The Team Spirit: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has always been a man who thinks of the team effort when it comes to whatever he is doing. He has always had this mentality through his illustrious career. When he stated at GM he knew that each and every job was important. This kind of insight would serve him well over the years and in future positions with Pratt and Whitney and most of all at UTC. In an interview with Ideamensch, Louis Chenevert talked about his career at United Technologies Corporation and how he made it a success.

While he was the President and CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert says that the key decisions of the company were made by a small core group. He says that that is one of the big keys to a successful business. He made sure that he had the talent around him that was necessary to move the company forward. He made sure that everyone agreed with a new idea and how to bring it to life. Louis Chenevert says he had no time for those that disagreed because it slows down the amount of business being done. When things slow down the bottom line and goals are not being reached. That is not the way to run a successful business.

Louis Chenevert says that one of the things that excited him about the future of UTC was the fast-paced world of technology. He was always impressed by the number of new opportunities the latest technology could bring. He also advises that a new business leader should have a group that can speak openly when it comes to new things and catches potential problems quickly. These are the people that leaders should appreciate because it can save them trouble down the line on a new project. That is how to make a business stand out from the rest.

Louis Chenevert has always believed that the people who worked him are winners. That is one of the main reasons that he has been such a success over the years. Making bold and critical decisions can have a big payoff down the line.

James Dondero is an American Hero

Dallas’s Philanthropy Hero, James Dondero has just been appointed to the Bush Center’s Executive Advisory Council by its CEO Kenneth Hersh. James is superhuman as he is the chairman of several companies including, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare and CCS Medical and he is also on the board of directors of American Banknote and MGM Studios. On top of all this he is the CEO and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, which is one of the largest credit managers in the world.

James has been a philanthropist since he graduated college and always aims to help others. He runs Highland Capital Management with the same philosophy. Highland’s charitable contributions and profound interest in helping the local communities has led to the development of an entire division dedicated to charitable causes. Highland Dallas Foundation is the company’s non-profit charitable arm developed by James Dondero. Read this article at

Highland Capital Management is involved with dozens of charities, non-profit organizations and local Dallas Businesses. Recently, Highland Capital Management has been an active contributor to the Bush Center and its social and philanthropic efforts. In January of this year, Highland Capital donated $10 million to the Bush Center’s Engage at the Bush Center program. James and Highland have already donated more than $5 million to the foundation since its inception in 2012.

James Dondero’s philanthropic activity started very early. He and Mark Okada created Highland Capital Management in 1993 with the aim to accumulate wealth not for themselves, but to help others. Their dream became a reality as Highland now manages over $16 billion in assets, provides millions of dollars in contributions every year and directly and indirectly creates thousands of jobs. This has led to James’s nickname Dallas’s Philanthropy Hero.



James is a Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He began his career in finance over 30 years ago upon earning his degree from the University of Virginia with dual majors in accounting and finance. James has worked at large corporations including JP Morgan, American Express and created Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary, which now manages over $2 billion in assets. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

The Career Life of the Businessman, Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is well known in the business community of Colorado for being a leader. Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) offers a representation of the present philanthropic interests as a result of the experience gained from a couple of years that he has been in leadership. FAB refers to a non-profit making association committed to assisting the individuals with neuromotor frailties intensify their capability to manage and intermingle with their surroundings. He shaped his leadership skills by serving on the Panel of Denver Zoo as well as the Zoological Foundation of Denver. He also served as the chairperson of the Director’s Panel at Denver Hospice.

In consideration of education, Mr. Autterson is a Michigan Stet University’s graduate. He graduated in the year 1980 in line with B.A. in Finance. This happened before his entrance into the University of Denver for Graduate Tax Program. It is at the First Trust Corporation that he initiated his career. The Corporation is a Fiserv’s subsidiary. He moved out of the firm in the year 1982 with the intention of getting into a small group with the objective of chartering the trust company. It happened with the consideration of it as a junior to the financial services and incorporated resources with their base in New York. Following his efforts and efficient services in the course of duty, he ascended to the official position of Resources Trust Firm in the year 1986. Three years later, Broad Inc. acquired the Company together with assets under the ownership of the Integrated Resources, Inc. The Broad Inc. afterward became the SunAmerica. AIG received the latter in the year 1998 at the cost of $18 billion.

At the moment, Mr. Autteron serves as at different capacities. They include being a Member of Board, the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the CNS Bioscience, Inc. The company was established in the year 2013 under the headship of Scott Falci, who is the Managing Director. CNS refers to a clinical-phase drug advancement company that focuses on the neuropathic discomfort.

Therefore, Matthew Autteron is one of the successful businessmen who have worked tirelessly for a lengthy period. It is out of his long time of service that he is not only experienced but also successful in his operations as seen through the companies that he heads. The implication is that everything demands hard work and sacrifice for it to become a success.


Logan Stout Started IDLife To Help Others

Logan Stout was once a professional baseball player and he saw 17 World Series events while coaching or playing. He went on to earn his business degree as well as a degree in psychology form the University of Dallas. He received many titles in college baseball while attending college and he also coached at the Dallas Baptist University while he served as youth minister. After finishing up college, he played baseball with the Fort Worth Cats.

Stout enjoys being involved in sports and mentoring new players and the youth. He has a real passion for helping youth enjoy the game of baseball and he developed the Dallas Patriots which is now one of the largest baseball organizations in the world. He is striving to make training available to everyone and the organization offers baseball camps, clinics, and classes.

Stout has become a very successful entrepreneur and he is helping people to get to be the very best that they can be. He strongly believes that it’s important to focus on the health of not just the body but also the mind. He developed a line of healthcare products in 2014 known as ID Life that includes everything form hakes to sleep strips.

He is mostly known for his talents involving baseball education but he is also known for his book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams,” where he gives advice and teaches what he has learned along the way.

Many publications have recognized the achievements of Logan Stout and he has had many interviews. He is grateful for his success and hopes to help others to be successful as well. He has a rich passion for life and gives many motivational speeches. He advises others on making action plans rather than encouraging them to set goals. Stout is a devoted father and stays active and in touch on social media. Mr.Stout continues to help others and grow in popularity.

IDLife is a wellness company that offers very personalized nutrition to its clients. There is an extensive line of products that help to promote health and wellness.

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Anthony Petrello Mergers Good Luck With Oil

Anthony G. Petrello (aka Tony), an industrial leader in the production of oil and gas earned a J.D. from Harvard University and received a B.S. and M.S. from Yale University. He was employed with the law firm of Baker & McKenzie, serving as its Managing Partner of its New York Office from 1986 to 1991.

Nabors, formerly Anglo Energy, Ltd., founded in 1968, has a substantial land-based drilling rig fleet and leads the world in offshore drilling, employing advanced drilling automation capabilities, and innovated drilling techniques in the United States and multiple international markets.

Petrello replaced Eugene M. Isenberg and has been Nabor’s CEO since 2011, its President since 1992, Deputy Chairman of the Board from 2003 to June 2012 and Chairman of the Board since June of 2012. Petrello is a Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital, has been a Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since 2011 and once served as the Director of

Nabor awarded Petrillo for improving its growth a total compensation of $68.2 million, a 246% increase from what he made in 2012, which put Petrello at the top of the nation’s 50 top-paid CEOs in 2013. Nabor’s shareholders demanded changes in the corporate structure and compensation The Luckin 2014. Nabor changed its compensation and corporate governance practices to reflect the shareholders’ dispute. The shareholders were given more influence in electing Nabor’s board of directors.

Petrello’s annual compensation for 2014 decreased. Petrello’s 2015 total compensation was $27.7 million dollars versus his total compensation of $14.8 million dollars in 2014. As an aside, Petrello’s overwhelming success caused Petrello’s college freshman roommate Lloyd Grove to be green with envy. Grove wrote a humorous article comparing his boring life to Petrello’s successful life.

However, Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, faced a crisis when their daughter Carena was born with Periventricular Leukomalacia that causes developmental problems. Petrello’s showed their gratitude when they committed $7 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Dick DeVos Has Been Involved In Business, Politics, And Philanthropy For Over 30 Years

The DeVos family may not be a name that hears about too often, but they’ve had quite a far reaching influence across the nation. They come from Grand Rapids, MI but have interests in many other cities. Richard DeVos Sr. is the owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic as well as the co-founder of the family company, Amway Corporation. His sons Dick, Daniel and Douglas have all worked at Amway Corporation, as has his daughter Cheri. Douglas currently runs the company. Dick DeVos is most known for his other company, The Windquest Group which invests and buys shares in alternative energy companies as well as venture capital companies and others. He’s married to Betsy Prince DeVos who has been an education reform activist for quite some time.


Dick DeVos started working at Amway back in 1974, and at the same time completing his bachelor’s degree in business and economics at Northwood University. In 10 years he became a company Vice President, and he and his brothers started opening the doors for the company to grow overseas. He briefly stepped down from the company in 1989 and founded The Windquest Group along with his wife Betsy. His father purchased the Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick joined him on the executive board there for a couple years. Dick returned to Amway in 1993 where he served as CEO till 2002, opening offices in 50 new countries and growing profits in the billions. He turned the running of Amway over to his brother Douglas upon stepping down, and today he simply runs The Windquest Group.


Dick and Betsy are most known for their state education reform efforts, particularly in support of private schools such as Potter’s House, Grand Rapids Christian School, but they also support Grand Rapids Public Schools. They helped start scholarships through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and established the Education Freedom Fund and Children First America. They’ve also donated to local museums and art organizations such as ArtPrize and Whitney Museum of American Art. They also started a local charter school called West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick is the author of the 1998 New York Times bestseller Rediscovering American Values, a book stating the importance of conservative and traditional American values. He and Betsy have been active in the Republican Party for a long time, including while Betsy was chair of the party and when Dick ran in the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial race. Betsy was also recently chosen to be President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education.


David Osio Is On A Mission To Build His Empire And Promote A Better World

David Osio is known as one of the top investors and real estate owners in the world today, and he has been building up his business for many years now. Luckily, David Osio is the kind of man that wants to share his knowledge and success with others, which is why he actively seeks to teach others the proper methods for investing. He also actively takes part in community efforts and philanthropic projects, which he advocates to others about doing the same, no matter how small a contribution. For David, he is always looking toward the future, which is what he teaches about investing, looking forward and predicting what is coming next. Too often people are risky with their investments because they are looking for big paydays, but all too often, the risks don’t pay off like the used too. This is why David Osio plays it safe when it comes to investing to minimize risky losses of fortune.

David Osio is currently the executive director for Davos Financial, which is a company that goes a long way in helping others in their investment goals and financial dreams. More recently the company has released a new mobile application that helps their clients with investing on the go, being able to pull up accurate real estate data and predictions for all properties. The more informed a client is, the better decision they can make and the higher chance they have at being and staying successful. This is David Osio’s true goal, to help everyone meet their goals and achieve success in their own way.

Over the course of his career and life, David has used his methods to build considerable wealth, and he has an impressive portfolio to show off today. David has used his wealth and success a great deal for philanthropic projects and donating to charities, which he also advocates to his clients and just about everyone to make contributions, not matter how small, to help the global community become a better place for everyone where more people can be successful. More important than any tool though, is the drive to meet goals and be dedicated to reaching them no matter what.

Stephen Murray: The Businessman and Philanthropist

Stephen Murray, chief executive officer of the international private equity firm CCMP Capital, passed away on March 12, 2015 at the age of 52 from an undisclosed illness. He resigned from CCMP a month prior to his death due to his ongoing health issues. He is survived by his wife and four children.

Murray had an extensive work history in investing, buyouts, and business. He had earned a reputation for his skills as an investor, deal maker, and philanthropist throughout his extensive career. He worked in the industry for over two decades and, according to Fortune, served on the board of directors for several large, influential companies.

The most recent companies included: “Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, and Strongwood Insurance Holdings.”

Stephen Murray was an alumnus of Boston College, where he graduated in 1984 with his B.A. in Economics. He earned his M.B.A. from Columbia Business School five years later. He began working for MH Equity Corporation in 1989 and continued to work with the company as it was purchased and changed names multiple times and he eventually participated in the formation of CCMP.

He worked for JP Morgan in 2005, when CCMP was formed. CCMP was a spin off from JP Morgan Partners. The name CCMP represents the companies which were part of its creation: Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturer’s Hanover Capital / JP Morgan, and Partners.

Parts of these firms were combined to create the company, which Stephen Murray became the CEO of in 2007, replacing Jeff Walker. Greg Bennemen took over the position after Murray’s departure and credited Murray’s contributions for the success of CCMP. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Philanthropy was also a large part of Stephen Murray’s life. He was actively involved in a variety of philanthropic ventures which included serving on the council for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the board of trustees for his alma mater, Boston College. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was also involved in supporting the local Food Bank and the Stamford Museum.