Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. Strives To Serve Enormous Customer Base, Makes Online Services Possible.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., founded in 1991 is a company that offers services in the report and financial handling, research and examination to various financial institutions and companies all over America. The company laid its roots in California but is currently operating out of Palm Harbour in Florida.


The Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has been awarded numerous times for being one of the best workplaces in America. The company makes its employees undergo numerous training programs to ensure that their customers are being awarded the best of services, some of which go on for extended periods of time. In fact, more than fifty percent of the employees within the company are engaged in some training program or the other at any given time.


Facing numerous customer issues about the accessibility of their services, the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. decided to make online ordering of their services readily available on their website. The goal of this is to provide effective and swift assistance in matters dealing with title defects and errors in property reports.


The problem of title defects has been on the rise for quite some time now. Many times, errors in property titles can lead to some serious repercussions which can harm future sales and investments of financial companies and individual properties.


In addition, the company, through their presence online aims to help people get property papers without the hassle of having to wait months for it. Equipped with the best researchers, the company provides solutions based on substantial existing property records.


The Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. owes its success to the vast understanding that the employees have towards the customer needs. With employees who make the client understand the entire financial system, the client knows that when they are with Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., they are in good hands.


Currently, the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is looking to expand its business and get up to speed with the vast number of customers it currently has. The company recently opened up an office in Dallas, Texas to provide a wider coverage for institutions seeking their help in their financial and documentation matters.


Also, the company believes in giving back to the community in which it stands. The Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has made an active effort in helping numerous organizations in the Tampa Bay area by sponsoring numerous local charities and help centers like ‘Feeding Tampa Bay’ and the Florida Hospital.

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Dick DeVos Has Been Involved In Business, Politics, And Philanthropy For Over 30 Years

The DeVos family may not be a name that hears about too often, but they’ve had quite a far reaching influence across the nation. They come from Grand Rapids, MI but have interests in many other cities. Richard DeVos Sr. is the owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic as well as the co-founder of the family company, Amway Corporation. His sons Dick, Daniel and Douglas have all worked at Amway Corporation, as has his daughter Cheri. Douglas currently runs the company. Dick DeVos is most known for his other company, The Windquest Group which invests and buys shares in alternative energy companies as well as venture capital companies and others. He’s married to Betsy Prince DeVos who has been an education reform activist for quite some time.


Dick DeVos started working at Amway back in 1974, and at the same time completing his bachelor’s degree in business and economics at Northwood University. In 10 years he became a company Vice President, and he and his brothers started opening the doors for the company to grow overseas. He briefly stepped down from the company in 1989 and founded The Windquest Group along with his wife Betsy. His father purchased the Orlando Magic in 1991 and Dick joined him on the executive board there for a couple years. Dick returned to Amway in 1993 where he served as CEO till 2002, opening offices in 50 new countries and growing profits in the billions. He turned the running of Amway over to his brother Douglas upon stepping down, and today he simply runs The Windquest Group.


Dick and Betsy are most known for their state education reform efforts, particularly in support of private schools such as Potter’s House, Grand Rapids Christian School, but they also support Grand Rapids Public Schools. They helped start scholarships through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and established the Education Freedom Fund and Children First America. They’ve also donated to local museums and art organizations such as ArtPrize and Whitney Museum of American Art. They also started a local charter school called West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick is the author of the 1998 New York Times bestseller Rediscovering American Values, a book stating the importance of conservative and traditional American values. He and Betsy have been active in the Republican Party for a long time, including while Betsy was chair of the party and when Dick ran in the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial race. Betsy was also recently chosen to be President-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education.


How Mike Baur Is Fueling Startups Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a strong background in banking having worked in the Swiss banking sector for at least 15 years. He is the brain behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working to support startup entrepreneurs.


The Swiss Startup Factory is managed by professionals with a long experience record and the ability to spot opportunities. They have all the tools necessary to help in the analysis and preparation of data that can be useful to young entrepreneurs to help them to make prudent decisions.


The Pre-Accelerator program

The Swiss Startup Factory pre-accelerator program is aimed at spotting extraordinary talent in Switzerland and offers further support to the talented individuals through partnerships with leading academic institutions in the country.


Their partnership offers their entrants a closer look into the high-quality services they offer and helps to impart vital skills to the aspiring entrepreneurs. The program includes bits in product development, market research and accounting and marketing support. They also offer coaching on several areas of business that can affect the performance of their ideas.


Growth acceleration

Through the Swiss Startup Factory growth acceleration program, aspiring entrepreneurs are able to access financial assistance that is necessary to help them implement their ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory ensures after the three months incubation those who lack the capital are connected to entrepreneurs willing to invest in their ideas and financial institutions that can offer them financial support to launch their businesses.


This stage also offers business development tips and management guidelines that every entrepreneur should understand. There is also an IT team that offers the requisite IT support to help the startups proceed seamlessly.


The Members’ Association

Members of the Swiss Startup Factory can also join the Association of the company, which offers exclusive rights and access. Members of the program are able to take part in the Swiss Startup events and can access the innovation pool. The association also offers an exclusive network that connects entrepreneurs and other professionals in different industries.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a serial entrepreneur with passion in supporting young entrepreneurs to become successful investors. At his teenage, he showed massive love for Banking and Finance, a passion that inspired him to pursue the subjects later in university. He worked as a banker in the Swiss private banking industry for almost 20 years and in 2014, he formed the Swiss Startup Factory.



George Soros Thinks Now is The Time to Talk to US Money Reserve

According to Glassdoor, The US Money Reserve is one of the world’s biggest distributors of US-issued gold, silver, and platinum. Angela Koch is the current CEO of this organization. The Huffington Post has given her contributor profile. The Huffington Post is a leader in online media. It is quite an honor for one to become a contributor to the site.

Her Role

Angela Koch is in charge of all operational aspects of the company. She is responsible for establishing the pace and culture of this organization, which was set up in 2001.

Her job is to create opportunities and value for others. She has intrinsic knowledge of merger, acquisitions, planning, due diligence, and operations. She will share her extensive experience with the monthly 79 million unique visitors to the site. Her first post for the site talked about how the political conventions were a win for women.

What is the Huffington Post?

A groundbreaking media outlet is based solely online. It was the first of its kind to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize. The organization covers stories from all over the world. In addition, it has hundreds of people that make noteworthy contributions to the organization. Each month, it gets 79 million unique visitors.

The U.S. Money Reserve

It is a leading private distributor of precious metals. The organization is responsible for the distribution of U.S. Money Reserve and foreign government precious metals as legal tender. As of now, it currently serves hundreds of thousands of clients across the country. It mostly deals with silver and gold legal tender issued coins.

George Soros’ Thoughts on Buying Precious Metals

He thinks that now would be an excellent time to buy gold. Soros is a renowned investor, who has made billions through currency speculation. According to him, the conditions are perfect for investing in gold. One reason for this, is the growing power of the BRICS nations. As these countries continue to grow, their economies will develop a bigger appetite for gold.

According to Soros, he sees the current economic times as similar to the 2008 crisis. As a result, he advises people to stock up on gold. Gold is always an investment of safety for most people. Unlike the money markets, its value is predictable in tough times.


George Soros has made his fortune through accurate predictions. Anything he says would be worth noting. Even the president of U.S. Money Reserve agrees with him.


David Osio knows real estate. After all, how could he not? Is it not in his specialty field of expertise?

He is, after all, the Executive Director and Founder of the Davos Financial Group. He also leads the Davos REG (Davos Real Estate Group) and its many branches of business. He works with each subsidiary, and is very active at the top of the top executive level!

One recent decision made by Mr. Davos and the Davos Real Estate Group’s executive team has been the recent release of an all new mobile phone app. The app is called the Davos CAP Calculator, and it is truly a brand new & innovative app for our ever expanding digital age of technological progress! The Davos CAP Calculator can do it all! If not all, then it can at least lead one to those who can….the experts within the Real Estate realm.

According to a brand new article published online (, this magnificent new phone app is available for both Android and iPhone mobile phones. It is easy to access and quick to process new information and requests. It is a helpful tool in the hands of any new or existing, or even potentially new, real estate client in search of which properties to buy or not to buy. Full details and summaries are apparently provided within the app, on a case to case basis….with little to no margin of error from the app itself. It truly is a new wonder and a new blessing altogether!

What’s more? “During the last six months Gerard González, Executive Director of Davos REG, has been working hand-in-hand with the company Tecknolution on the design and development of this useful tool, which allows one to estimate the gain of an investment property, once the expenses associated with the property are considered.” (pg. 1)

This is only the beginning, as it seems that as we now speak….Mr. Osio and his executive leadership team are currently at work in terms of producing and releasing the next group of apps to be released sometime to the public in the not too distant future…..of which the Davos CAP Calculator is the very first ‘test run’ or prototype. When you work hard and put your mind to it—-using all employees and resources available to you—-there is nothing that can’t be achieved on this good green earth. I do mean, nothing at all!

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About David Osio

Devco Reinventing Cities

The Press of Atlantic City featured an article on February 29, 2016, titled, “Unpaid $20 million CRDA loan raises questions about New Brunswick Devco. The article states that while costs have exceeded initial estimates, and pay back to financiers is slower than expected they have turned a dilapidated area of the city into something beautiful.

The Devco Corporation from New Brunswick has been described in the New York Times as, “powerful engine for economic growth.” Originally founded as a not-for-profit urban real estate company in the mid-1970’s.
Currently, Devco is involved in a huge project with Rutgers University which involves $330 College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative. In this project are a new academic building, an Honors College and a state of the art area called The Yard at College Avenue. The Yard is destined to become the new crossroads of Rutgers-New Brunswick.
Devco is described as always in the process of opening a new project, breaking ground on another project, and financing a third. Devco has won many awards for their forward-thinking concepts and ability to revitalize urban areas.
Between the Board of Directors and Project Development and Management Team they have amassed a tremendous knowledge and skill set that allows the company to be international leaders.


Laidlaw & Company Made My Investments Work Out Well

The investments that I had planned to make on my own where not going very well, and I knew that I was going to need help. I made my first call to Laidlaw & Company, and they got me on the phone with James Ahern to see what could be done about my investments. I had a lot of options on the table, and that meant that I could make a lot more money than normal. I just had to start working with Matthew Eitner at Laidlaw & Company who knew what I needed, and then I instantly started getting results. It was really nice to have all these options, and now I get calls from my broker all the time.

I have been pretty happy with the way that Laidlaw & Company has handled my investments, and I know that everything is done with my best interests in mind. I am getting real results because I am working with a broker who is really invested in me, and it makes me feel a lot better about how I am going to make money on all my investments. Pretty much everything works right the first time, and then all I have to do is make a change when I think it is time.

The Laidlaw & Company brokers are really nice people who have all helped me in the past, and I am learning a lot about how to make my investments make the most money possible without a problem. The whole thing is a lot simpler to do because I have real people helping, and I also know that I am going to do well because I can see the reports that show how well I am doing. That makes everything a lot easier than it would have been.

Networking Community Honors Brian Bonar With Highest Award

The current CEO and Chairman at Dalrada Financial Corporation won the prestigious award from Who’s Who at Cambridge. The honorable executive award is only given two four individuals out of the many candidates. Of the four selected executives, two are men and two are women, all from different professional industries. Landing a place on the Who’s Who list itself in an honor, regardless of the Executive of the Year award.
Many things are considering by the committee that choose the candidates for the award. The team at Cambridge assess the executives experience and capabilities through professional qualifications. Their academic backgrounds, industry achievements, and ability to lead must all be top notch. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Brian has decades of experience working as an executive in finances and management for the industry, and has spent a good half of his career working as the Chief Executive Officer for Dalrada Financial Corporation. On top of his current position at Dalrada, Brian plays a part in other companies as well. He is a Chairmen at Trucept and The Amanda Co. He is also CEO at Smart-Tek and President of Allegiant Business Service.

Dalrada Financial itself acts as a intermediary for marketing and supplies a large variety of different clients with employee management of benefits. By allowing the client to focus more on other core aspects of their business, while taking care of finances, compensation, risk insurances, business management and liabilities, they can increase their overall business productivity.

Brian Bonar and the companies associated and working along with him help clients that are unable to afford full time HR departments. Small companies half to outsource this kind of expertise to benefit, that’s where Brian comes in to help.

Relative to winning his award, Brian Bonar has high academic achievements, earning his bachelor’s in engineering from James Watt Technical College. He later went on to earn his Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Stafford. Today, he has his Ph.D and is a member of the American Finance Association.

Before starting at Dalrada Financial, Brian also worked at Adaptec, Solvis Group, American Management Services, and more. His career started off at IBM, where he worked as a procurement manager. He followed this up with QMS, where he worked as a Director for Engineering with over 100 employees under his supervision.

After this Brian started up his own company, Bezier Systems, which was focused on manufacturing and supplying laser printers. While at Bezier, Brian designed the first SCSI based printer, which was his motivation for the company.

On top of all his experience in the finance and professional management industries, Brian is very active in community productive projects, such as Lions Club and the Boys and Girls Club. In the years to come.

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A New Option From Talk Fusion

PR Newswire recently released an announcement from the video communication, Talk Fusion. The announcement stated that the company will be launching its 30 day free trial program. The free trial is available in 9 different languages and will be available in more than 140 countries around the world. This will enable potential customers to experience all of the tools that Talk Fusion offers without having to risk any capital. The article explained that the company decided to create this program because they understood that potential customers were frustrated. They were excited about the potential of the tools that Talk Fusion was offering but they were not sure if it would work for them in their personal life or at their business. Talk Fusion realized that they best way to show individuals and businesses that this could be an effective marketing or sharing tool for them to use was to let them try it out for themselves first hand. Another advantage to doing this, as Talk Fusion’s corporate team explained, is that the tools are so useful and have many different features, that they can be difficult to explain in writing or even face to face.

Reina is from Florida and was previously a policeman. Reina loved what he did but he also wanted to make additional money. He decided to go into direct selling. Reina tried out several different direct selling businesses and was able to create an impressive income from them. Bob Reina really started to enjoy business and, when he had the idea for Talk Fusion, he realized that this might be his chance to really dive into the world of business. Reina chose to make Talk Fusion a little more unique than just offering video marketing tools. Reina thought it could provide many great opportunities for a multitude of people if he decided to use the direct selling marketing model.