The New Real-Estate App by David Osio and Team

David Osio together with the Executive Directors of Davos Real Estate Group released a new mobile application. The application was introduced for the sole purpose of estimating real estate investment returns. Davos Real Estate Group is part of Davos Financial Group that is widely spread in the Latin American market. The group has been offering financial advice and opinion in over 20 years. Davos works to ensure that its clients get the best investment options that they need. The group works well within the law by working together with a highly trained team of professionals who provide service quality products.

The Executive Director of Davos has been tirelessly working with Tecknolution that is designing a tool to help investors and individuals estimate profit and gain of any investment property. The tool will take into account the expenses in developing any investment property. The mobile application is available for iPhone and Android enabled devices. Through one’s mobile device, one can be able to look up properties. Hence one can have a quick look and search the type of assets that they want to invest their money in. The application also has a way of conducting a chat or conversation with one of Davos’ agents. David Osio stated that the application would enable them to reach their objective of guiding their clients on how to safely invest in the real estate world.

The application offers investors a first of its kind financial guidance through Davos CAP Calculator. The calculator will also allow investors choose properties that will maximize their income levels. Other advantages of this application are the mortgage calculator that will afford its clients the opportunity to know the best mortgage package that they want taking into account the interest rates. To make use of the application effectively, Davos has increased its number of agents by 60% that has resulted in the increase in sales by 75%.

David attended the New York Institute of Finance where he studied Shares Portfolio Management and Banking. He has extensive experience and expertise as a legal adviser. He has worked with various organizations such as Latino International Bank. Besides being the Executive Director of Davos, he is also the Director of MGO law firm based in Caracas. David has over the years sought to build his career, and this has seen him enroll for further studies. He has offered his legal expertise to multinational companies. To learn more about David, one can visit

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