Neurocore is a scientific research company that focuses on the neurological conditions and the way in which the brain works. The company started in 2004 and really got into brain training which is a thought process that if you work on training the brain to do some things and not to do others than you can promote a happier stress free life in which you can beat depression and other ailments that you may have as well as have better focus just to name a few. Read more about Neurocore at After the company had success in the research program the company then opened up clinics in the state of Michigan where they opened to the public to treat people through brain training. Because the research is so new the treatment that patients get at the clinic must be paid for out of the pocket of the patient as insurances really do cover brain training yet as it is the first time that it is being used as a treatment for people.


The clinic had great success so the company opened up more clinics in the state and then expanded down to Florida with great excitement. Now that they have continued to have great success changing the way in which people think about the brain and how you can train the brain to do some things and to avoid doing other things the company is looking to expand all over the United States. The goal of the Neurocore is to make brain training a normal part of treatment for patients that have struggled as severe as depression or as simple as have trouble focusing at work. For a patient that is receiving brain training at a clinic, they have a team that is behind them every step of the way in which people can go ahead and begins a journey to a better life for themselves. The treatment does vary per patient just like any other medical treatment and that means that the duration of the treatment does vary depending on the patient which is why it is so important for all patients to be willing to put in the time to get the treatment they need and do everything that the team wants them to do in order to train their brain long term. Visit to know more about Neurocore.