Doe Deere Urges Haters to Take a Seat- She Has Better Things to Care About!

Certain individuals were put on the earth to stand out, and to encourage others to do the same. Russian-born Doe Deere knows a thing or two about being different, and based her makeup company, Lime Crime, off the thought of expressing yourself through makeup. Often referring to herself as the Queen of Unicorns, Deere greatly enjoys claiming that she and her fans (Unicorns) were simply born different, and that there is nothing wrong with that!

Using Dita von Teese and people in general as her influences, Deere regularly steps out into the well-deserving spotlight to revel in her business glory. Often using humor to pave her path allows the Queen to get through her day–specifically any daily business burdens. Rising above the negativity allows Deere to execute her business tasks, improve her fan base, and to remain level-headed as she strives to make a difference. How does she do it, though?

The answer is simple, and when Galore Magazine asked Deere how she deals with the haters dwelling on the internet, she responded with this: “I ignore them.” This important message should be exclaimed from the rooftops, due to the fact that most entrepreneurs become the victim of cyberbullying at some point during their careers. As Deere described that most claims made by people on the internet are completely false, the listeners were able to better understand just how simple it really is to ignore haters. Additionally, the Queen of Color, Unicorns, and Expression let everyone in on the most important factors when dealing with online bullying: These people never put a face to a name or vice versa. Essentially, how should you take offense to something said by a nameless, faceless individual? If you cannot back up your claims, you do not really have a claim, right? Thank you, Doe, for your glorious disproval of those internet bullies! You can continue ruling the industry now.

To finalize, it is important to never forget that even the most eccentric of people are entrepreneurs and great at it to boot! Doe Deere never intended to have her own makeup company, and often let her makeup application be limited to her sleepovers with friends. Thankfully, her random inspiration created the company that so many love today, and that is truly why she will never give into the bullies.

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