The Academy of Art University’s Influence At New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University has a forte for developing creative minds in the fields of liberal arts, communication and design. Since the late 1920s, this school has been on the path to great success. Academy of Art University has been in the Stephens family since its birth. A figurative painter named Richard Stephens is the person who founded this for-profit school. Stephen’s granddaughter, Elise Richards, is now running the show. Academy of Art University is at the pinnacle of the game, and it has certainly branched out into other sectors of business. In order to grow, you must evolve with the times, and this notion rings true on so many levels.

Fashion, fashion and more fashion. Everywhere you go in society now days, fashion is being displayed to the highest degree. The simple fact of the matter is that everyone wants to look their best. There are fashion events all around the world, but the US plays host to one of the top-tier fashion events in history. This event is known as New York Fashion Week. The Academy of Art University has been coming to this exclusive event since 2005. The school has also been able to celebrate all things fashion from its sought-after fashion designers. Though each fashion designer only gets 15 minutes of runway time, those 15 minutes can produce extraordinary results. Many successful careers were started at New York Fashion Week, and the students of AAU is no exception to the rule.

For 2017, Academy of Art University introduced at least nine clothing collections, and two of those collections were a collaboration among its students. Thinking outside of the box is sometimes needed and these collaborations definitely impressed the crowd at the Skylight Clarkson Center. This short article can’t do the Academy of Art University any real justice, but you should have a better understanding of how far this school for the arts has come.