Seeing Is Believing When The Drought Does Not Happen

People look forward to the winter season so they can go skiing. Many individuals plan their vacations months ahead so that they will be sure to have a hotel room and the ski resort they love to visit. In recent summer months, the California area has been experiencing a drought. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The amount of water is reduced and people are suffering accordingly. Most of the people that enjoy riding up the mountains to go skiing are wondering if there will even be snow for the winter season. A ridge is reducing the amount of moisture coming from the mountain.

When locals are riding up the mountains they are usually enjoying the scenery where snow is blanketing the mountain trails. This year the tourist and locals may be lucky to see the snow on the top of the mountains. What does this mean for the season? Andy Wirth told Madeline Brand that he felt like the lack of snow was not going to be that big of an issue.

Madeline Brand of Press Play made sure to let him know that people were already cutting back on about 27% of their water usage. This definitely concerns locals but people are used to droughts and water limits.

During the interview on KCRW Press Play, Madeline made sure to give Andy Wirth time to describe what he thinks the solutions will be. He is already telling how business can make money year round if they try. The mountains must not depend solely on snow to survive.

Most drought years offers 4000 acres of snow covering ski areas. This can be due to natural snow or man-made snow. It is important that people hang tough and try to reserve using as much water as they can. the more water that we hold onto the better for us. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth is responsible for the marketing that brings people in on flights to go to the resorts and to go gambling. Nevada depends on tourism to make ends meet in the casinos. We worry about the tourist and what they may think about the snow and the season.

It is very important to plan events year round. It is very important that people understand all of the activities they can take part in even if there were no snow. Making sure that the people have a great time is the responsibility of Andy Wirth. Andy is using to a lot of responsibility.

He is used to making big decisions. He is fantastic at his job and he believes there will be no issues with the season.