Sentient AI: The Five Rules Of A Good Ecommerce Customer Experience

A good e-commerce customer experience will either make or break your client’s loyalty, according to Sentient AI. You need to keep it simple with your customers. It is like putting a designer dress on a pig. You can dress it up all you want, but a pig is still a pig. Your customers will keep coming back because of the basics, not the nice shiny objects and discounts you waive in front of them.

Anyone can sell a product once. It takes a special person to make that same sale more than once.

1) You need to answer your phones. Phone calls are a big part of the e-commerce trade. You are dealing mostly with online sales and phone calls. Learn to use the call forwarding button. You might need to hire additional staff to help. Robot callers are not going to help you.

2) You never make a promise you cannot keep. If you promise to look into something for the person, then you need to do it. I went through that with a seller I dealt with online. He waited until he got pressured before he did anything about my issue. If you want your business to thrive, then you need to be honest with your customers.

3) You need to listen to your customers and hear what they are saying. You are not listening when you listen for the sake of responding, according to Sentient AI.

4) You will have complaints when you work in an e-commerce customer experience situation. Your goal is to deal with those complaints as they come up. I know a few sellers who will delay their responses. They figure as long as they are at a 99% rating they are good. Delaying or blowing off a customer complaint will not bode well for business. You need to care about your customers and what they are going through. You will not be able to please all your customers, but you might be able to help out one or two.

5) You need to be encouraging with your staff. You also need to be helpful to your customers. You might not get an immediate profit out of it, but your responsiveness will resonate with them. Sometimes you have to out people over the profits to get the results you want. Learn more about Sentient at