Bridger Scarr, Colibri Studios Founder

Bridget Scarr is a renowned writer and a creative producer whose talents have seen her grow to become the most respected, celebrated and established writers in the world. She graduated from Rhodes University in 2004, having studied drama between the year 2001 and 2004. Her projects include interactive exhibition, virtual reality, television to digital content among others. It is through her professionalism that these projects resonate with the audience both emotionally and intellectually.

She is an executive producer and has got over 15 years’ experience in the field having done spanning drama, animation and factual entertainment programme. Bridge Scarr is currently at Colibri studios as the head of the content development, strategy, and partnerships. Here, she does events and works with international broadcasters and project partners.


Colibri studios

As a TV producer, Bridget Scarr focused on bringing other people’s ideas to life. While working there, Bridget came up with the concept of Colibri Studios where she could make these ideas real. This, she says she achieves by relying on the initial inspirations that are related to the project. Completion of these ideas can take months or years.


Entrepreneurial set back

In her entrepreneurial journey, her business which she had great passion towards had to close its doors. It was an internal collapse due to what she thinks either did not materialize as promised or late project finance thus leading to financial difficulties. Her business partners left and went ahead opening a competitor company. Her partners also used the social media and the press to accuse her falsely. Not only was she publicly defamed but also her family was physically threatened. This defamation got her into depression for about one year.



Bridget Scarr is a co-founder at livRe since November 2016 where they give the audience the opportunity to live realities through experimental engagements.

In 2008 January, she became a partner, managing director at Pollen Creative media in the city of Johannesburg. Johannesburg is in South Africa. She worked with Pollen from 2008 to 2015. While at Pollen, Bridget and her partners grew the company from five employees and $10,000 into a group of companies with over 200 employees. They also won awards for producing contents for brands and broadcasters.

Bridget Scarr was also a co-founder, producer and head of productions at zero point studio in cape town, South Africa. Here, she worked for exactly one year between July 2010 and July 2011.


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