Banco Bradesco Finds The New CEO In Place of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

One of the biggest news of Brazilian banking industry in early 2018 has just broken. The Banco Bradesco, the leading Brazilian bank, found its new CEO as a replacement to its outgoing CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Per the announcement made by the bank on February 5, 2018, Octavio de Lazari Junior would assume the role from March. He is one of the VPs of the bank as well as the President of Bradesco Seguros – the insurance arm of the banking firm. The elevation of Lazari will also see him replacing Trabuco in the executive board of the company.

The new CEO will take charge on March 12, after the new Board of Directors of the company meet and approve his appointment. The extraordinary shareholder meeting is scheduled on the day in the wake of the changes in the leadership, executive board, and Director Board. Interestingly, Trabuco will continue as the CEO of the banking firm until the date, and post which, he will give vision to the company as the Chairman of the board. Interestingly, Trabuco was selected as the Chairman of the banking firm in October 2017, and since then, he was holding both the roles to provide sufficient time for the company to find a suitable candidate to the leadership role.

While coming to Lazari Junior, aged at 54, comes with a few decades of expertise in working different departments of the banking firm. He began serving the bank at the age of 15 as an office boy through an agency located in the São Paulo’s Lapa district. His hard work, professionalism, and commitment helped him to become the agency manager within a few years. Since 1998, he started working with the banking firm in the on-roll position in its credit section. Within a few years, he became a director with responsibilities of accounting focused on corporate, SME, and retail segments.


Lazari Junior continued his growth journey and was appointed as department director of finances and loans in 2010. In 2012, he was inducted into the Board of Executive Officers. Last year, he was appointed as the executive director and vice president of the bank as well as CEO of the insurance wing, Bradesco Seguros Group. Interestingly, Lazari will continue the leadership role of the insurance wing though he was elevated to lead the entire banking group. Interestingly, Lazari was actively involved in the Brazilian civil society and was part of many financial and industrial companies that are designed to give strategic advises to the administrative wings of governments.

While coming to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he was appointed as the Chief Executive of the leading banking firm in the year 2009. Since he started his career journey with Banco Bradesco in 1969, Cappi held various roles inside the organization and took the vision of the company forward. At the age of 18, he became part of the bank as a Junior Clerk, and the next few decades saw his unparalleled growth inside the organization combining the efforts of his hard work, vision, and dedication. By 1984, he was appointed as a department director to the bank.

Cappi became a Managing Director of the firm in 1998 and promoted as Executive Vice President a year later. In 2003, he was chosen as the President of Bradesco Seguros, and he continued in the leadership role of the insurance division until he got promoted as the CEO of the bank in 2009. While Cappi was leading the insurance division, the firm reported almost tripling its size during the six years of his leadership. As the CEO of the bank, he was the proponent technology in banking solutions and encouraged digital banking among the customers.

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