Freedom Checks As Described by Matt Badiali

In today’s world, there are a lot of people who will try to talk you into investing in a scam. The theme is based on promising a lot of money for a few hours of work. This scenario has resulted in a lot of people refraining from such investments, which is turning out to be a loss for authentic business ventures.

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Matt Badiali, a geologist and a financial advisor, released a video defining freedom checks. The video shows ways for the citizens of America to gain independence in the energy sector. Freedom checks arise from companies dealing with the storage, processing, and transport of natural resources. During the recent decrease in the quantity of oil coming from the Middle East, there has been an increased production of oil and gas in the U.S.


Companies that issue such checks to investors, are called Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs.

Master Limited Partnerships produce, process and transport natural resources such as gas and oil. They use pipelines to transport oil from wells. Oil fields and gas fields are utilized by MLPs to refine the acquired quantity of gas and oil. Read this article at Money Morning.


A company is qualified to be an MLP if it distributes 90 percent or more of the earnings to investors. MLPs send checks to their investors which are referred to as freedom checks as described by Matt Badiali. There are 568 companies who are MLPs and send such checks to its investors, the payments are done on a monthly or quarterly basis. The payments are not perceived as incomes rather as a return of capital resulting in the investors receiving them tax-free.


There are provisions to receive freedom checks on mail or a direct deposit to the trading account.

Matt Badiali earned a lot from the market through the use of such checks on investors. He earned his B.S. degree in the field of Geology from Penn State University in 1992. He pursued higher studies and in 2005, he completed his Ph.D. in the field of Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina.


Avicii Honoured by The Chainsmokers at the Billboard Music Awards

Avicii Honoured by The Chainsmokers at the Billboard Music Awards

Did you know that an award ceremony can be turned to a commemoration? This is what happened at the Billboard Music Awards.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey turned the Billboard Music Awards into a commemoration. The two parties honored Tim Bergling commonly known as Avicii. Avicii, the esteemed DJ, and producer, died on April 20, aged 28. Avicii died when some of his works had not been released – they may be released according to Geffen Records, the late DJ’s label.

The Chainsmokers is a duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They are DJs and producers. Their success was marked by their song ‘#Selfie’ – a top single – in 2014. They have other music that has topped charts. The Bouquet, their first Extended Play(EP) is work that was released in 2015 and featured the single ‘Roses.’ Another work ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ made it to the Grammy list is ensured they were awarded the Grammy Award for the best Dance recording. The Chainsmokers` second EP, college was released in 2016. Their first album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ followed the play in 2017.

In 2012, The Chainsmokers was formed by former DJ Rhett and Pall. It regrouped after Rhett left and started being managed by Adam Alpert in NYC. Alpert later introduced Pall to Taggart – who was working at an art gallery in Manhattan. Taggart who had an interest in Djing joined them after Rhett left.

Pall and Taggart get their skills from the university education. Pall went to NYU to study art and music business while Taggart attended Syracuse University and interned at Interscope Records. The two have also worked with other artists like Priyanka Chopra – releasing ‘Erase’ and ‘The Rookie.’

According to Taggart, their music blurs the lines between pop music, hip-hop, indie and dance music. The Chainsmokers get inspiration from works of deadmau5 and Pharrell Williams. And they appreciate the influence Avicii works and performances. For this reason, they said that Avicii was an artist who meant much to them and inspired many in many ways.

Halsey added that Avicii was joy and it was painful to accept the reality of his death.

Sussex Healthcare Has A New Gym Service For Its Patients

Sussex Healthcare is a highly advanced company that provides services for patients with neurological conditions such as dementia and lesions that affect the nervous system.

Just recently, Sussex Healthcare revealed a new gym that features bikes, elliptical trainers, numerous types of free weights, treadmills, medicine balls that help strengthen abdominal muscles, and a pool. Additionally, this brand new gym contains a hot tub where residents can relax whenever they want to; this is a great plus since a hot tub bath can stimulate the release of endorphins, reduces the soreness of exercising, and decreases the stress.

This article is going to be focused on talking about the many benefits of the tools you will find in this brand new gym.

Elliptical Machines
The residents can change the resistance that every elliptical trainer provides. The experts at this Sussex Healthcare’s gym can help customize the speed and height of each device. Additionally, they can change the type of feet stabilizer the person is using. A great benefit of elliptical trainers is that they can maximize the durability of the joints enhance flexibility, and improve motor skills. Unlike treadmills, elliptical machines don’t cause stress in the joints.

Neurogenesis Process
Did you know that exercising can promote the creation of fresh neurons in the brain? The great thing about this process is that these extra neurons can induce the formation of new memories, enhance critical thinking, affect an individual’s reflexes and improve well-being. Moreover, doing some exercise can improve the production of norepinephrine, a compound that makes focusing easier, increases motivation and energy.

Swimming in the Pool
The pool located at Sussex Healthcare’s gym has a predetermined current. Swimming in this pool increases endurance and enhances the flexibility of every swimmer. Additionally, swimming is great for increasing the strength of their body. One of the most advanced features the gym has is their underwater treadmill that helps strengthens the quadriceps, the abdominal muscles, the calves, and the hamstrings.

Evaluation of the Respiratory System
Some of the workouts are managed by respiratory care experts. During each training session, the experts examine everyone’s breathing and by doing this they can identify if there are obstructions that may affect endurance, evaluate inflammation that could influence respiration. Later on, the experts can recommend some exercises that improve the breathing of the patients. Furthermore, these experts create reports for the physicians who also work at Sussex Healthcare.

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How David McDonald is Guiding OSI Group towards Providing Quality Food

Without a doubt, innovation in food, as well as agribusiness, needs to focus on major improved technologies in addition to new business models. That is why organizations that deal with food production need to have leaders with big ideas that can boost food production in the coming years. As the sector is struggling to overcome environmental challenges including the slow growth, ample supply and growing demand, a company like OSI Group has invested in visionary leaders. David fits the prime example in this context.

Who is Dave McDonald?

David McDonald hails from Iowa. He had a striking passion for agriculture. Therefore, he joined the Iowa State University to pursue animal science and graduated with honors by receiving the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Later on, McDonald started career at OSI Industries. Beginning as an intern did not deter him from pursuing his goals. Like most graduates, he aspired to become a senior employee at the firm. But, he also knew that he needed to understand the market and how different competitors approached the business. Therefore, he analyzed the industry and came up with invaluable strategies by shaping OSI Industries and its operations.

Leadership and Overseeing the Supply Chain

OSI Group deals with the production of food. Over the years, it has become one of the leading providers of meat and snacks. This means that the company must be guided by leaders who understand how to operate the business. David McDonald came in as the manager in charge of supply. He assumed this role and started overseeing the supply chain process including developing policies that work well for the better distribution of meat across the world. One such system is global expansion.

Expansion Projects Led by David McDonald

Since he joined OSI Group, David McDonald has steered the expansion of the company in many ways. For instance, in 2016, he oversaw significant procurement projects involving global expansion. The acquisition of Baho Foods was one of the projects that he was involved in. As such OSI Group expanded its supplying threshold. The second project McDonald was in charge of was the acquisition of Tyson Foods where he oversaw the entire process and added that OSI Group has adequate resources to delve into global expansion. Perhaps it is also important to note that McDonald recently chaired the expansion of OSI Industries’ Spain, where the firm doubled chicken production.

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Dr. Saad Talks About The Tough Life That Drove Him To Success

Dr. Saad Saad talked about his career as a pediatric surgeon. He has a fascinating life story to share and he also has life lessons to share that he has already taught his children. Dr. Saad as finally reached retirement after spending 47 years helping his medical clients. He has made a lasting impression with his inventions, service and sacrifices.


Formative Years

Dr. Saad is a native of Palestine, born in the 1940s. At the time, that area was experiencing dramatic and rapid differences. When the State of Israel was built several Palestinians had to find a new home. Dr. Saad’s father was traveling for business and his mother was forced to take a bus with her children to a foreign place.


Point Of No Return

The day they had to leave she left the key under mat and her and kids took nothing but the clothes they wore. They thought was that this would be a short roundtrip.

The sad part is that return trip did not happen. The family was being permanently transferred to West Bank, never to return to their original home. His father finally found them after searching for hours and then paying a boat captain a large sum to take him across the river where his family was. Dr. Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic when Middle East oil was first being discovered and sold to foreign places.


Starting Over In Foreign Land

In the 1950s when mechanics were a strong field, he relocated the family to Kuwait. This is where Dr. Saad spent the majority of his childhood. While Dr. Saad was in school, his father taught him to look at his hard situation. He was experiencing a resettling, he had no country, no apparent future, and no passport. He advised Dr. Saad that the only way he would gain respect is by getting highly educated. Equipped with a high level of education he understood he was capable of anything and he could be anybody. One time in the 1960s Dr. Saad accompanied his brother to a construction site in Kuwait. Dr. Saad was in high school at the time. The heat began to get unbearable, and after a while Dr. Saad fell ill and in time he fainted. Once he regained consciousness, he learned that the heat of the summer had given him a heat stroke. This is when he realized he wasn’t built for outdoor labor work. Learn more :


Neurocore is a scientific research company that focuses on the neurological conditions and the way in which the brain works. The company started in 2004 and really got into brain training which is a thought process that if you work on training the brain to do some things and not to do others than you can promote a happier stress free life in which you can beat depression and other ailments that you may have as well as have better focus just to name a few. Read more about Neurocore at After the company had success in the research program the company then opened up clinics in the state of Michigan where they opened to the public to treat people through brain training. Because the research is so new the treatment that patients get at the clinic must be paid for out of the pocket of the patient as insurances really do cover brain training yet as it is the first time that it is being used as a treatment for people.


The clinic had great success so the company opened up more clinics in the state and then expanded down to Florida with great excitement. Now that they have continued to have great success changing the way in which people think about the brain and how you can train the brain to do some things and to avoid doing other things the company is looking to expand all over the United States. The goal of the Neurocore is to make brain training a normal part of treatment for patients that have struggled as severe as depression or as simple as have trouble focusing at work. For a patient that is receiving brain training at a clinic, they have a team that is behind them every step of the way in which people can go ahead and begins a journey to a better life for themselves. The treatment does vary per patient just like any other medical treatment and that means that the duration of the treatment does vary depending on the patient which is why it is so important for all patients to be willing to put in the time to get the treatment they need and do everything that the team wants them to do in order to train their brain long term. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

How Bernardo Chua Helps To Improve The Lives Of Others

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of ORGANO, which is a direct sales company selling coffee and tea, among other food products. Prior to opening his own company, Chua worked as an executive for Gano Excel where he helped to expand the company in the North American region.

Chua has stated that one of his biggest accomplishments has been the founding and global growth of ORGANO. It is through his company that, Bernardo Chua has been able to help many people improve their health, be able to offer jobs that allow others to financially provide for their families, as well as aid his distributors in growth and revenue. This accomplishment is most appealing to me because despite the company’s growth, Chua does not seem to lose sight in his willingness to help others. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Helping people improve their health goes back to an herb called ganoderma that is sold within ORGANO’s products. Although Chua grew up in the Philippines, his Chinese heritage allowed him to gain knowledge of such an herb. Ganoderma can be found around the world but is especially sought-after in many Asian countries because it is believed to help support a healthy immune system. Chua is one of the first to successfully market the herb with teas and coffee outside the Asian market.

Along with an aim toward healthy products, the OG Care Foundation was created with the growth of the company and aims toward helping disadvantaged youth around the world. Bernardo Chua’s drive and passion to help others paved the way for the development of his business model. He describes direct selling as a “people-driven-business,” and believes you must love people at any level in the industry in order to be successful. This allowed Chua to construct a globally flourishing company. Read more:

Deirdre Baggot Leading Bundled Payments

Bundled payments has gained some buzz in the medical and healthcare industries. Executives working in these industries are always striving to create more effective ways to create bundled payments for patients. Deirdre Baggot is a leading executive in the healthcare industry.

Deirdre Baggot has an extensive educational background. She has a PhD, MBA and a BSN. She led the bundled payment division for CMS Acute Care Episode. She has also managed and developed growth strategies for consulting companies. She has helped consulting companies to create innovative forms of payment. Additionally, she has also worked for advisory forms to help them create a more effective bundled payment system. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

She has worked to create client relationships between medical facilities and patients. She worked to assist over two hundred hospitals to design and implement bundled payment systems into their business operations. Her work with bundled payments has helped decrease costs for patients. Not only do these savings effect patients but they also allow medical professionals and hospitals to lower costs. She advises senior level executives on their healthcare systems.

Her advisory work has led her to advising and guiding major organizations on bundled payments. She has worked for Medicaid and Medicare services. Her worth for these services and healthcare companies alike have caused her to be recognized on a national level. When she is not advising large corporations and organizations on creating and implementing bundled payments, she is speaking on these payments at major national conferences. She has made speaking engagements for the American Heart Association, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Innovation Summit, American College of Healthcare Executives and the Bundled Payment Summit.

Deirdre Baggot believes the healthcare industry has a bright future with the new trend of wearables. She loves how wearables get patients active and engages them with their health. She will believe wearables will ignite patients on learning more about their health and hopefully will cause more responsibility in the medical community since the third cause of deaths in the United States is because of medical errors. Along with bundled payments, the healthcare expert sees a brighter future for patients everywhere.

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The Academy of Art University’s Influence At New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University has a forte for developing creative minds in the fields of liberal arts, communication and design. Since the late 1920s, this school has been on the path to great success. Academy of Art University has been in the Stephens family since its birth. A figurative painter named Richard Stephens is the person who founded this for-profit school. Stephen’s granddaughter, Elise Richards, is now running the show. Academy of Art University is at the pinnacle of the game, and it has certainly branched out into other sectors of business. In order to grow, you must evolve with the times, and this notion rings true on so many levels.

Fashion, fashion and more fashion. Everywhere you go in society now days, fashion is being displayed to the highest degree. The simple fact of the matter is that everyone wants to look their best. There are fashion events all around the world, but the US plays host to one of the top-tier fashion events in history. This event is known as New York Fashion Week. The Academy of Art University has been coming to this exclusive event since 2005. The school has also been able to celebrate all things fashion from its sought-after fashion designers. Though each fashion designer only gets 15 minutes of runway time, those 15 minutes can produce extraordinary results. Many successful careers were started at New York Fashion Week, and the students of AAU is no exception to the rule.

For 2017, Academy of Art University introduced at least nine clothing collections, and two of those collections were a collaboration among its students. Thinking outside of the box is sometimes needed and these collaborations definitely impressed the crowd at the Skylight Clarkson Center. This short article can’t do the Academy of Art University any real justice, but you should have a better understanding of how far this school for the arts has come.


Malcolm CasSelle is Changing Cryptocurrency and Gaming

OPSkins is the top bitcoin merchant in the world as well as the leader of sales when it comes to in-game virtual assets. Their users are based all around the world which means that there are many micro-payments that take place cross-border on a regular and frequent basis. With their large market size and high demand from their users, they are a prime candidate when it comes to creating a decentralized protocol for monetary exchanges.

Malcolm CasSelle and the other founders of OPSkins are in the process of launching a new platform in order to simplify virtual asset training in a secure way using blockchain technology. This platform is known as WAX and is a peer to peer marketplace that was created to trade virtual assets. Their combination of decentralized smart contracts and blockchain will create a platform that will allow sellers and buyers to trade their virtual assets efficiently and securely with each other.

When it comes to virtual asset trading, there have been problems when it comes to fraud and fragmentation that Malcolm CasSelle and the rest of the team at WAX are planning to fix. There are many different virtual marketplaces that currently exist on a local and global level, WAX will allow users to tokenize their assets and remove the friction that currently exists.

Entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX, the Worldwide Asset EXchange) as well as the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins. In the past, Malcolm CasSelle has also been the President of New Ventures and Chief Technology Officer of tronc. Malcolm CasSelle has degrees in Computer Science from both MIT and Stanford University, he earned a bachelors from MIT and a masters from Stanford. He is also multi-lingual with the ability to speak English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

One of Malcolm CasSelle’s earliest positions began in 1995 when he acted as the Chief Technology Officer at the company he co-founded, NetNoir. NetNoir was one of the first websites to be focused on media production centered around Afrocentric culture. Malcolm CasSelle went on to other positions at Pacific Century Cyber works from 2006 to 2013 before becoming the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Digital Media for Seachange International.