Reasons to Download and Use Talkspace

There are a lot of reasons to seek out professional therapy. Therapy can help sooth your problems, whether they are large or small. In fact, a lot of people go to therapy when they’re dealing with mental health disorders like PTSD, OCD and depression. You might just want or need to see one of these experts because you need someone to talk to regularly. It truly does not matter why you might need a therapist so long as you begin to get the help that you need without spending a lot of money to accomplish this.

Unlike the past when your only option was to visit a local therapist for help, you’re going to want to make use of Talkspace. Talkspace is an app designed for people like you, who want to go to therapy but don’t want to leave the house to do this. Also, with the Talkspace app, you aren’t on a long wait list hoping to be seen because you’ll be connected to a professional right away. There are lots of reasons to consider Talkspace for this benefit, and it is a reason you will not soon regret once you download and use the program on your own.

There are tons of people right now who are using the Talkspace app and finding it to be even better than the therapist they might have seen before. This takes the work off your own shoulders and allows you to feel good with the knowledge that you’re choosing a company that cares about all of its clients. Plus, you’re not going to be sitting on a wait list or spending a fortune to have a therapist who is not able to see you regularly because of either of your schedules. Talkspace is a viable option for the busy individual who still wants help.

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The Team Spirit: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has always been a man who thinks of the team effort when it comes to whatever he is doing. He has always had this mentality through his illustrious career. When he stated at GM he knew that each and every job was important. This kind of insight would serve him well over the years and in future positions with Pratt and Whitney and most of all at UTC. In an interview with Ideamensch, Louis Chenevert talked about his career at United Technologies Corporation and how he made it a success.

While he was the President and CEO of UTC, Louis Chenevert says that the key decisions of the company were made by a small core group. He says that that is one of the big keys to a successful business. He made sure that he had the talent around him that was necessary to move the company forward. He made sure that everyone agreed with a new idea and how to bring it to life. Louis Chenevert says he had no time for those that disagreed because it slows down the amount of business being done. When things slow down the bottom line and goals are not being reached. That is not the way to run a successful business.

Louis Chenevert says that one of the things that excited him about the future of UTC was the fast-paced world of technology. He was always impressed by the number of new opportunities the latest technology could bring. He also advises that a new business leader should have a group that can speak openly when it comes to new things and catches potential problems quickly. These are the people that leaders should appreciate because it can save them trouble down the line on a new project. That is how to make a business stand out from the rest.

Louis Chenevert has always believed that the people who worked him are winners. That is one of the main reasons that he has been such a success over the years. Making bold and critical decisions can have a big payoff down the line.

Ricardo Tosto Is A Competent Business Lawyer

Looking for a top rated attorney in Brazil? Need an experienced business or corporate attorney who can handle your legal problems? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can help.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a high-profile attorney and litigation expert in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto provides legal advice and representation to a wide variety of clients and has been in practice for more than 22 years. Some of his clients include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, organizations and multinational companies.

As a business owner or corporate executive, the danger of crippling litigation or other complex legal issue should be a top for you. Legal problems, especially in Brazil can occur unexpectedly and severely hurt your enterprise or venture. When you encounter a legal issue in your business or organization, it’s imperative that you get a good lawyer right away, and

A reliable business attorney can evaluate the situation and provide you with the right advice or guidance. An experienced corporate or business lawyer like Ricardo Tosto knows what to do and what to avoid in order to get you out of the trouble you’re facing.

Most entrepreneurs and corporate leaders or managers don’t know the ins and outs of business law or corporate litigation. An experienced business lawyer is thoroughly familiar with applicable rules and regulations.

When you hire Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho he will be by your side throughout the entire process and ensure that your rights are protected. He offers advice and representation at every stage of his clients’ case, paying close attention to important matters and circumstances surrounding the claim, and his Website.

There are many business lawyers and law firms out there, so you need to choose carefully. One good resource you can use is Lawyers Directory, which is an online resources that provides information about lawyers and their background, and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is available to answer questions or address concerns, and advise his clients regarding the legal aspects of their claim. Ricardo Tosto works hard to ensure that his clients resolve their case effectively and efficiently, and move on with their business, and more information click here.

Ricardo Tosto New Business Idea

Brazil is a growing nation with a lot to offer people who live there. The economy is expanding, and numerous people are interested in starting a company. Ricardo Tosto is someone who owns a legal company in Brazil. Demand for his legal services has never been higher.

Law School

Ricardo Tosto grew up in a low-income family. He wanted to work in the legal field, but his family did not have money for him to attend college. Ricardo Tosto decided to work multiple jobs while he was in school. Working these jobs allowed him to save and invest for his future. He was able to graduate from school with a low amount of debt.


After graduating, he opened up a small legal practice. He learned a lot of harsh lessons about managing a business. Although he was always working, he was not making as much money as he wanted to.

Ricardo Tosto decided to offer new services to clients. The new products were expensive, but these services increased income significantly. With all of the growth in Brazil, he now has more work than he can handle.

New Locations

Ricardo Tosto is planning to open additional locations around the country. With these new locations, he should be able to increase his income significantly.

Although it was hard to start own business, he is proud of the work that he has accomplished. He is happy to help people who need legal advice in numerous areas.

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OSI Group Expanding & Succeeding

OSI Group History & Background

Having been founded in the early 1900’s, the company OSI Group has stood the test of time and has done so very successfully. With early success in its initial years as a company, OSI Group has continued that tradition of prosperity into the twenty-first century with the same level of success. Also, with the way things are going for the company, it is easy to predict even more advancement for OCI Group. The company, which is an American born and bread company focused on the process and production of meat for large retail and food service industries, has managed to become a leading company in more than just the food industry. This privately owned holding company has also shown to be one of the leading models for how to run a successful company in the business industry and other industries as well. With well over 20,000 employees at its service, OSI Group is providing a way for a successful and prosperous future for the workforce in America as well. Simply put, there are many examples that show how just outstanding OSI Group has been over the course of many years. Having said that, here is more on just one of the many successful ventures of the company as its continued expansion and prosperity.

OSI Group Acquires Tyson Food Plant

As hinted at before, OSI Group has grown to a highly-regarded level as a company. Considering how direct and efficient OSI Group has been at providing successful numbers over more than a century’s worth of work, the company is still far from done with continuing its success. Look no further than the expansion procedures taking place with the company today. As of recent, OSI Group has acquired a former Tyson food plant for much less than they will eventually profit from. With moves such as this to continue to grow and expand the company, there is just no getting around the fact that OSI Group is setting itself up to succeed well into the future. In addition to this, OSI Group is also providing lots of jobs for Americans for years to come. Even more so, this move goes to show how proactive and caring the company is as well. All in all, OSI Group is setting the bar for what it takes to be a leading company in America if it has not already done so.

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Banco Bradesco Finds The New CEO In Place of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

One of the biggest news of Brazilian banking industry in early 2018 has just broken. The Banco Bradesco, the leading Brazilian bank, found its new CEO as a replacement to its outgoing CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Per the announcement made by the bank on February 5, 2018, Octavio de Lazari Junior would assume the role from March. He is one of the VPs of the bank as well as the President of Bradesco Seguros – the insurance arm of the banking firm. The elevation of Lazari will also see him replacing Trabuco in the executive board of the company.

The new CEO will take charge on March 12, after the new Board of Directors of the company meet and approve his appointment. The extraordinary shareholder meeting is scheduled on the day in the wake of the changes in the leadership, executive board, and Director Board. Interestingly, Trabuco will continue as the CEO of the banking firm until the date, and post which, he will give vision to the company as the Chairman of the board. Interestingly, Trabuco was selected as the Chairman of the banking firm in October 2017, and since then, he was holding both the roles to provide sufficient time for the company to find a suitable candidate to the leadership role.

While coming to Lazari Junior, aged at 54, comes with a few decades of expertise in working different departments of the banking firm. He began serving the bank at the age of 15 as an office boy through an agency located in the São Paulo’s Lapa district. His hard work, professionalism, and commitment helped him to become the agency manager within a few years. Since 1998, he started working with the banking firm in the on-roll position in its credit section. Within a few years, he became a director with responsibilities of accounting focused on corporate, SME, and retail segments.


Lazari Junior continued his growth journey and was appointed as department director of finances and loans in 2010. In 2012, he was inducted into the Board of Executive Officers. Last year, he was appointed as the executive director and vice president of the bank as well as CEO of the insurance wing, Bradesco Seguros Group. Interestingly, Lazari will continue the leadership role of the insurance wing though he was elevated to lead the entire banking group. Interestingly, Lazari was actively involved in the Brazilian civil society and was part of many financial and industrial companies that are designed to give strategic advises to the administrative wings of governments.

While coming to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, he was appointed as the Chief Executive of the leading banking firm in the year 2009. Since he started his career journey with Banco Bradesco in 1969, Cappi held various roles inside the organization and took the vision of the company forward. At the age of 18, he became part of the bank as a Junior Clerk, and the next few decades saw his unparalleled growth inside the organization combining the efforts of his hard work, vision, and dedication. By 1984, he was appointed as a department director to the bank.

Cappi became a Managing Director of the firm in 1998 and promoted as Executive Vice President a year later. In 2003, he was chosen as the President of Bradesco Seguros, and he continued in the leadership role of the insurance division until he got promoted as the CEO of the bank in 2009. While Cappi was leading the insurance division, the firm reported almost tripling its size during the six years of his leadership. As the CEO of the bank, he was the proponent technology in banking solutions and encouraged digital banking among the customers.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Has Modernized Dating With Bumble App

Dating has changed by leaps and bounds since the days of boy meets girl, boy asks girl for a date. With all of the advances in modern technology, and the advent of technical devices, came a new way of dating. They were the dating apps for phones and other devices. Men and women were able to find suitable dates that matched up with their dating profile. This sometimes meant women waiting by the phone for days on someone to call. If you were one of the lucky ones, you heard from someone that was totally out of your range of expectations. This soon became monotomous, until Whitney Wolfe Herd launched a ew app called Bumble.

Bumble was the answer that women needed because it completely turned the dating process around. Instead of women sitting and waiting to hear from the man that may, or may not be right for them, they get to experience dating grom a new angle. With Bumble, it is the man that sits and waits for the woman to call. Women were given a brand new sense of empowerment with the Bumble app. Others could see their profile, but could not reach out to the woman. When Bumble was first launched by Whitney Wolfe Herd, it was created to give women the opportunity to feel at ease in the dating game. The popularity of the app has made the business into a billion dollar company within the three years of it’s existence.

Whitney Wolfe Herd found her niche with Bumble. The woman had to be the one to message the man first. This allowed women to feel confident in themselves, plus, they had the advantage of saying yes or no to any suitor that had no similar interests. This power made the dating industry stand up and take notice of the brain child of Whitney Wolfe Herd. She has been described as being the face of a new, and exciting women’s movement.

Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She majored in International Studies at Southern Methodist University. She started her first business at the age of nineteen, while still at the University. She sold bamboo tote bags in an effort to help people in areas that were affected by the BP oil spill. She has received many honors for being among the top in the industry. She was added to the Forbes list of thirty under thirty for 2017, and 2018.

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Mark Mofid, the Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr.Mark Mofid, MD, is a plastic surgeon who has carved for himself a name in the field of plastic surgery, especially in gluteal augmentation, as well as other forms of surgery. A board-certified surgeon based in San Diego and La Jolla, Dr Mark Mofid has over time come up with creative and innovative ways to have this surgery performed on his clients with an excellent level of satisfaction and skill.

When he started doing buttock augmentation 11 years ago, Mark Mofid was frustrated by what was then available as implants. Most of these implants were not just right, and in most of his surgeries, he had to perform manually some adjustments on them before he could use them on any operation. He embarked on coming up with innovative ways in which could create new implants, which could do the job well and did not look as fake.

The Harvard and John Hopkins-trained surgeon that he is, did not disappoint and came up with a customised implant for Implantech used to solve a number of the issues that he and other surgeons got faced with in their operations. He offered it to be used by others without demanding royalties on his invention, which reflects on the kind heart and commitment to the profession that Mark Mofid has.

He decided to get his butt augmentation training from none but the best: Raul Gonzalez, MD, one of the most excellent plastic surgeons based in Brazil, the “home of plastic surgery,” and who has vast experience in practice, having conducted his first butt surgery in 1984. The mastery of his teacher is now in the student, and this has manifested in the latter’s practice. For example, in his attempt to come up with a correct silhouette size, he decided to research waist-to-hip ratio of playboy features over the centuries, and this gave him a workable ratio and more

As the accounts of his clients will show, Mark Mofid is committed to giving his clients the highest quality of reconstructive surgeries and combines it with a heart that is affectionate and a gentle personality. With a man of such a profile, any prospective clients can approach him with the confidence that he will give them what they have long desired to have.


Clay Hutson Sound Production

Have you ever gone to a concert and noticed that the music was too loud, too quiet, or didn’t have enough bass? Fortunately, sound quality at your favorite concerts is usually not something that would come to mind very often. When putting together a concert, audio engineers and professional sound mixers make great contributions to this effort to ensure a good sounding experience. Clay Hutson is a successful professional audio engineer with an impressive resume to the sound engineering industry.

Hutson’s job has delivered great opportunities to enjoy great live music for many musicians and music group concerts. He has become the face of some of the more widely known professionals seen at the sound monitors mixing the sound to achieve superior live sound. He has proven to be very knowledgeable at his trade in working with various forms of equipment and has developed a good career for himself. He knows how important it is for a great show to have the perfect acoustics.

Clay worked the helm for the SD7 which provided sound for many high profile clients, such as: Rihanna,Tool and Widespread Panic (with 8th Day Sound), Arcade Fire,The Jonas Brothers,Neil Young, 311, Eminem, Lady Gaga,Los Tres (3G Productions) ;Taylor Swift and Lenny Kravitz (Sound Image) Jay-Z, Maroon 5, Maxwell/Jill Scott, Nickelback, and U2 (Clair Global); Angels & Airwaves and Morrissey (Rat Sound); The Killers and Foo Fighters (Delicate Productions)- and many more famous and varying artists.

Hutson was also credited for being a part of OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour Production as well as being a long-term DiGiCo user and managing operator of FOH/Monitor engineer and day-to-day/Production/Tour Manager. Whether it is Rigging, Stage Management, Monitor Engineering, Production Design, Production Management, Logistics Management or Show Production; Clay has worn and continues to wear multiple hats to his professional portfolio as a professional live sound engineer and production manager.

Clay Hutson has come to understand sound, equipment and necessary technique that has become invaluable for his trade. He currently offers clients his impressive plethora of experience and expertise in a budget-friendly solution to the events he undertakes on his website ( With onsite execution of sound solutions to creativity with experience-inspired ideas, he can be full of delight and surprise as he continues to grow and develop his role in not only execution of delivering top-quality sound, but also event production as well. Learn more:’s-honda-civic-tour-production.html

Fabletics Uses Their Position to Try New Things

Fabletics has always been an industry disruptor since they first started out. They know what it takes to bring attention to the issues in the industry and they aren’t afraid to try and make those issues go away. They have always done what they can to show people they are trying their best and that goes back to their experience with different clothing companies in the industry. It is their way of making sure they can help people and making sure they can be a convenient brand in different situations. For Fabletics, this is how they are going to bring attention to issues and how they are going to make sure people realize they are doing everything right. No matter what the company does or what they are trying to do to make things easier on people, they know what they will be able to do and how they will be able to work to make things happen more easily.


Depending on the issues people are dealing with in shopping, Fabletics has a solution for them. They are going to work on new solutions, but they have already done a lot in the past. One thing they know a lot about doing is offering the reverse showroom technique. The reverse showroom is where people can come to shop for things they are going to enjoy. They will just be shown the things Fabletics knows they’re going to like. When this happens, they are able to see there are different things that were created just for them.


The only way the company knows what people like is they are able to offer them the Lifestyle Quiz. The customers take the quiz and it shows the stylists the things they are interested in. It is a comprehensive quiz that makes things easier on people and makes it better for them to make all the right choices in the business. For Fabletics, this is part of how they do business and part of what has made them the best they can be. They know what it takes to get to this point and aren’t afraid to do what they need to make that happen.


As long as people are seeing how Fabletics is catering to them and as long as they can make things easier, they know they will be able to bring attention to issues in the fashion industry that other companies have.