Matthew Fleeger Establishes Strategic Partnership In Louisiana

Gulf Coast Western, LLC, is an oil and gas firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They operate as a Joint Venture as they work with other companies in the industry in order to increase the resources, experience, and talent when exploring for oil reserves, developing drilling platform, and acquiring the oil out of the ground. They explore in areas of the gulf coast region that have the right geophysical and geological properties in which to find deposits of oil and natural gas.

The President and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Fleeger of this company stated that they look to create substantial returns on investments while limiting downside risk. He credits creating transparent relationships with their business partners as a key asset at his company. They develop partnerships built on mutual trust and integrity.

This company was established in 1970 and continues to be family-owned. It was started by Matthew Fleeger’s father and now owns properties in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. In Louisiana, they have a partnership with Orbit Gulf Energy Partners which is headquartered in Lafayette. Gulf Coast Western owns property in that state and can access hundreds of square miles of 3D seismic data. They have 13 active wells in that state and are looking at eventually drilling in another 140 locations. Their Louisiana operations contain around 30 million barrels of oil.

Matthew Fleeger is a highly respected businessman who made the International Who’s Who List of Business Professionals. Beyond the oil and gas industry, he has also developed companies in both the tanning and waste management sectors. His primary skills are team building, negotiating contracts, and strategic planning. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He joined the oil and gas industry after graduating which is where he started to build both his marketing and financing abilities.

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A Brief Entrepreneurial Journey Of Guilherme Paulus

The businessman is part of the board at CVC Brasil and the GJP group of hotels. GJP has more than twenty hotels under its umbrella and the facilities are located in places such as Maceio, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro. More than 5,000 individuals work at various GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Guilherme Paulus started his career journey as an intern at IBM. Currently, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the nation. Many media firms have invited him for some interviews to explain to viewers how he overcame various challenges during his early years of doing business.

Mr. Paulus displayed his passion for the hospitality sector when he started his first hotel in 1995. More than 95,000 customers have visited various hotels under the GJP network since it was started. Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of CVC Brasil. He got the idea of launching the tour operator from a friend who worked as a state deputy at the time. According to the business guru, despite having the idea of starting his company, he lacked the necessary capital.

Guilherme Paulus partnered with his friend where he was to work on the groundwork while his friend was to provide the required investment to start the CVC tour operator. Before forming CVC, Mr. Paulus worked at Casa Faro. However, he was still thinking about starting his own organization. Even at his young age, he displayed entrepreneurial skills. When it came to deciding the most appropriate business location, he chose the exit of a movie theater. According to him, the location was ideal due to the high traffic from the people going to the movie theater.

Guilherme Paulus is an organized man and that has helped him to be productive in his daily work as he follows his schedule. The entrepreneur is of the opinion that the management should value the input of the employees and customers as this has a positive impact on a company’s productivity in the long run. One of the factors that have made Mr. Paulus succeed in his business ventures is that he is always willing to consult experienced and knowledgeable people before making key decisions.

Jeremy Goldstein: Finding a Lawyer in New York Made Easy

If you are currently having a legal case, you need to be represented by a professional lawyer. The market is currently full of individuals who claim to offer the best legal representation in the best situations. However, this is not what they deliver when the case is taken to court. Many people have failed miserably in the cases they were handling just because they were being handled by lawyers who were not qualified enough. New Yorkers, however, do not have to worry about getting good lawyers anymore. The people who are based in this part of the country will enjoy extraordinary services whenever they need someone to take on a battle in court. The charges of lawyers’ keeps going up, but the new services for the people in New York will not charge too much for the services they will deliver. Learn more:


Locating an experienced lawyer will now take just a few minutes or less. The convenient and highly confidential online method that has been introduced by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service is out of the world. This organization was established several years ago. With time, people begun to realize that the operations that were being carried out in this company were excellent, and they were the best in the market. The New York State Bar Association is responsible for starting the company. The legal department is not always a walk in the park for any professionals who are interested in the industry. The only people who have made it in this market are those who have the best skills because they have the best knowledge and expertise. The online portal that has been introduced fits the description all people want to have.


Using the new LRIS online services, people will have better services to enjoy regardless of the time of the day. These services will be readily available to the community at a very affordable fee. The telephone service will not cease to operate. News from the organization state that all the lawyers acquired through the platform will be the best, given that they have been working in this market for years. Jeremy Goldstein is among those few experienced lawyers who can be hired when using the new services.


Jeremy Goldstein takes a prestigious role in New York legal representation department. The lawyer has started a law firm that is based in this part of the world. For many years, the experienced lawyer has worked with the corporate section, ensuring that they have the knowledge they desperately need when operating their businesses. Follow Goldstein on Twitter


Dr. Rod Rohrich – A World Class Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Texas

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a world class plastic surgeon practicing in Dallas, Texas. His practice offers a wide variety of services and consultation options. Dr. Rohrich performs cosmetic surgeries on the face and neck including face lifts, rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, and biepharoplasty. He also provides breast surgeries including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. His practice includes body contouring as well including tummy tuck, liposuction, and body lift. Finally, Dr. Rohrich performs skin and laser cosmetic surgeries including laser resurfacing and chemical peel.

Prior to surgery, patients must meet with Dr. Rohrich in order to have a consultation to help him understand what you would like done and your overall expectations of the procedure (s) you are seeking. During the consulation, Dr. Rohrich will perform and examination and take into account skin tone and the natural contour of the body.

Afterward, Dr. Rohrich will provide a detailed explanation of the specific surgical procedures that are most appropriate for you. In order to gain the best results, patients who are seeking cosmetic surgery should be healthy, non-smoking, and active. Living a healthy lifestyle prior to surgery is of extreme importance. Living a healthy lifestyle includes engaging in regular physical activity, avoiding alcohol, and practicing healthy eating habits.

Healthy lifestyle habits prior to cosmetic surgery will allow the results of the surgery to be long lasting. Prior to consultation, patients should be prepared to discuss their medical histories. This includes information regarding pre-existing medical conditions, medical treatments you have received in the past, previous surgeries, drug allergies, and medications that you are currently taking. It is extremely important to disclose all information regarding your medical history as completely and accurately as possible. Following your consultation with Dr. Rohrich, photos will be taken of you to be used within your medical record for surgical planning.

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