The Academy of Art University’s Influence At New York Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University has a forte for developing creative minds in the fields of liberal arts, communication and design. Since the late 1920s, this school has been on the path to great success. Academy of Art University has been in the Stephens family since its birth. A figurative painter named Richard Stephens is the person who founded this for-profit school. Stephen’s granddaughter, Elise Richards, is now running the show. Academy of Art University is at the pinnacle of the game, and it has certainly branched out into other sectors of business. In order to grow, you must evolve with the times, and this notion rings true on so many levels.

Fashion, fashion and more fashion. Everywhere you go in society now days, fashion is being displayed to the highest degree. The simple fact of the matter is that everyone wants to look their best. There are fashion events all around the world, but the US plays host to one of the top-tier fashion events in history. This event is known as New York Fashion Week. The Academy of Art University has been coming to this exclusive event since 2005. The school has also been able to celebrate all things fashion from its sought-after fashion designers. Though each fashion designer only gets 15 minutes of runway time, those 15 minutes can produce extraordinary results. Many successful careers were started at New York Fashion Week, and the students of AAU is no exception to the rule.

For 2017, Academy of Art University introduced at least nine clothing collections, and two of those collections were a collaboration among its students. Thinking outside of the box is sometimes needed and these collaborations definitely impressed the crowd at the Skylight Clarkson Center. This short article can’t do the Academy of Art University any real justice, but you should have a better understanding of how far this school for the arts has come.


Malcolm CasSelle is Changing Cryptocurrency and Gaming

OPSkins is the top bitcoin merchant in the world as well as the leader of sales when it comes to in-game virtual assets. Their users are based all around the world which means that there are many micro-payments that take place cross-border on a regular and frequent basis. With their large market size and high demand from their users, they are a prime candidate when it comes to creating a decentralized protocol for monetary exchanges.

Malcolm CasSelle and the other founders of OPSkins are in the process of launching a new platform in order to simplify virtual asset training in a secure way using blockchain technology. This platform is known as WAX and is a peer to peer marketplace that was created to trade virtual assets. Their combination of decentralized smart contracts and blockchain will create a platform that will allow sellers and buyers to trade their virtual assets efficiently and securely with each other.

When it comes to virtual asset trading, there have been problems when it comes to fraud and fragmentation that Malcolm CasSelle and the rest of the team at WAX are planning to fix. There are many different virtual marketplaces that currently exist on a local and global level, WAX will allow users to tokenize their assets and remove the friction that currently exists.

Entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX, the Worldwide Asset EXchange) as well as the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins. In the past, Malcolm CasSelle has also been the President of New Ventures and Chief Technology Officer of tronc. Malcolm CasSelle has degrees in Computer Science from both MIT and Stanford University, he earned a bachelors from MIT and a masters from Stanford. He is also multi-lingual with the ability to speak English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

One of Malcolm CasSelle’s earliest positions began in 1995 when he acted as the Chief Technology Officer at the company he co-founded, NetNoir. NetNoir was one of the first websites to be focused on media production centered around Afrocentric culture. Malcolm CasSelle went on to other positions at Pacific Century Cyber works from 2006 to 2013 before becoming the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Digital Media for Seachange International.


The difference that NewsWatch TV is offering other companies by providing the reviews services

Saygus is a company that is based in America that deals with the manufacture of the smartphone. The reason why they wanted the help of NewsWatch is that the new line of smartphones that they had to be promoted. They hired NewsWatch TV with one goal that they will help with the reviews and that they will be aired on National TV and if they would gain the benefits of online campaigns. Once Saygus hired NewsWatch TV they traveled all the way to Barcelona so that they would be part of the filming of produce part of the segment that took place in the mobile world congress carried out in Barcelona. With that Saygus ensured that they made good use of NewsWatch during the promotion at the mobile world congress and the other useful purpose that they used NewsWatch TV for is the gaining of the momentum so that they will be able to promote the Indiegogo campaign.

Just through the use of NewsWatch TV reviews, there was a massive increase in the goals that increased to $1.3 million which was more than the goal they had which was $300,000. NewsWatch has been awarded several awards because of the services that they offer. NewsWatch does not provide the mobile app reviews alone they offer services like celebrity interviews, government and breaking medical news, consumer featuring news and consumer electronic reviews.

In 1990 that was the first time that NewsWatch started airing at first it was a monthly program that would focus on the financial issues alone. In the late 1990s, it expanded the services that they were offering and they became a TV news magazine that would be good in taking care of a wide variety of topics. The topics that NewsWatch was to pay attention to were the once that the general public was interested to know more about. Currently, NewsWatch is offering their services as a consumer and entertainment-focused show where the companies can make good use of NewsWatch to market their products.

JHSF Development Under Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the CEO of the biggest real estate company in Brazil known as JHSF. This company was started in 1972 as a construction business by two brothers. They had a dream of making it one of the biggest companies in the country, and though they are no longer in the industry, the dream seems to have been accomplished through one of their own Jose Auriemo Neto. Neto is one of the people who has been in the business for the last two decades, and he has seen everything happen. He has seen JHSF transform from a construction company to becoming one of the top companies in the world.

JHSF engages in the development of high-end properties. Jose Auriemo takes charge of all development works that the company makes. He also makes decisions on the direction of growth the company will make. For instance, in 2009, he ushered the company into a new era where it started dealing with retail brands. It has partnered with producers of luxury brands to open shop in the shopping centers they are building. Some of the brands that have been supported in recent times include Valentino. Jose Auriemo was behind a parking lot management company known as parkbem when he joined JHSF in the 1990s.

The growth of JHSF has been due to the quality of leadership which has been offered by Jose Auriemo Neto. In the two decades that he has been at the helm of the company, he has overseen huge development which has assisted JHSF to take the number one role in the real estate sector.

JHSF has created a huge difference in the real estate sector in business. It is through the contribution of the company that Brazil has some of the most competitive real estate properties in the world. Jose Auriemo hopes that he can take the activities of this company to all cities in the world.

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Dr. Saad Saad makes a mark in the medical industry

Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished plastic surgeon in the United States. He has been in practice for the past four decades. In this duration, he has conducted hundreds of medical operations to patients in the United States and beyond. He has had a highly successful career as a medical practitioner. His record in the medical industry can be equaled by few especially in the field of pediatric surgery. He has been so good at his work that he has attracted the attention of Saudi Royal, who had hired him as their pediatric surgeon. He has also worked with international humanitarian organizations who have as well been impressed by the quality of services that have been offered through this facility.

Dr. Saad Saad is someone who has proved that your origin does not determine your destiny/ he was born in Palestine, in abject poverty but managed to build his life until he became a top doctor in the United States. After being born in Palestine, his parents moved to Kuwait due to the hostile state of affairs in Palestine. Dr. Saad Saad was lucky to go to the Cairo University for his Medical Degree. He performed exemplary well and won an opportunity to intern in London. He would later make a move to the United States which marked the beginning of his career as a pediatric surgeon in the U.S. He first underwent the board registration as a pediatric surgeon before venturing into active practice.

Some great accomplishments to date have marked Dr. Saad Saad’s career. He has been involved in medical missions in different parts of the world. His main focus has been in Palestine where he has visited a number of times to offer free medical services to children and young adults who are suffering from complex conditions which need surgical procedures. In the years that he has been in the industry, many people from poor backgrounds have benefited from his experts.

Today, he is a proud owner of two patents. The patents are about two instruments which he has invented as a way of making the industry safe. He has made a huge difference in the manner in which surgical operation will be carried out. The first device that he has invented is an electromagnetic tool that will locate the catheter inside the human body. The other is a device that will be used together with an endoscope to remove body fluids when examining internal body parts.

Dr. Saad leaves a mark that will last for many years. In the duration that he has been in the industry, he has made sure that his name will remain in the records of history forever, the two inventions are phenomenal and will last for many years.

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At 85, Sheldon Lavin Shows No Sign of Slowing

Today, OSI Group is one of the most prominent companies in the food processing industry, with over 65 locations around the world. Originally a family-owned butcher shop, the company, then known as Otto and Sons, would forge a bond with the McDonald’s Corporation, that would take both entities to new heights. In early 1970, Sheldon Lavin was a very successful investor and banking executive, and he also operated a consulting firm, but he was relatively new to the food processing industry when he was asked to help secure financial backing in Otto and Sons’ deal with McDonald’s. It was his zest for life, and his need to bring change to the world that ushered him into the industry. The funding would allow Otto and Sons to build a new plant that would be dedicated to serving the growing burger chain. By the mid-1970’s, the future Chief Executive Officer would have become significantly more involved with the business aspects of Otto and Sons, and in 1975, the company would be rebranded OSI Group. Over the next decade, Sheldon Lavin would play a significant role in the rapid expansion of OSI Group. Plants in new territories such as the Philippines and Taiwan, where being developed, all under the direction of their most forward-thinking executive, Sheldon Lavin.

Through careful planning and strategic investments, Sheldon Lavin and his team have made a number of lucrative acquisitions, as well as a variety of joint ventures. With sustainability being such an important responsibility for Mr. Lavin and OSI Group, he has made a consistent effort to continue to improve his environmental footprint by going green whenever and wherever possible. For his achievements in the world of philanthropy, he has been presented with a number of reputable awards, including the Global Visionary Award. He also regularly contributes to Ronald McDonald House Foundation, who help families that are dealing with illnesses around the world. Sheldon Lavin continues to be active in the daily activities regarding OSI Group, but he also understands the value of having a strong team, for which he often utilizes a system of delegation.

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OSI Group: International Food Supplier

In the early 1900’s, Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in search of the American dream, owned and operated a small family meat market and quickly entered into wholesale. Eventually the business became Otto & Sons. The company entered into an informal agreement with a fledgling franchise, McDonald’s, to be its fresh meat supplier. Thanks to the emergence of cryogenic food processing, McDonald’s was able to narrow their number of fresh meat suppliers down to just a few, and Otto & Sons was one of them.

The 1970’s was a very important decade of growth for Otto & Sons. It constructed a plant that supplied food for their McDonald’s line of products while still maintaining ties with local area restaurants and markets. It also became known as OSI Industries. OSI took on a partner, Sheldon Lavin, and built plants in other states as McDonald’s franchises quickly spread. When McDonald’s started expanding internationally, so did OSI. Under the leadership of Mr. Lavin, OSI continued to grow, and McDonald’s was not their only customer.

OSI Group grew both internationally and nationally until it has become one of the world’s important food providers. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, the company has facilities in 17 countries. Now it doesn’t only process meats, but also vegetables, condiments, and snacks. Its growth in Europe, Asia, and North America is continuing. OSI Group continues to provide products to fast food chains globally.

OSI Group has also opened Culinary Innovation Centers for research and development of new products. The company is also cognizant of the environmental effect of food production and has won many environmental awards as well as awards for health and safety. OSI Group started as an American Dream of a German immigrant, is now a global financial powerhouse that is still focused on its customers and maintaining a clean environment and health and safety standards.


Infinity Group is Advancing Australians far down the road to financial fitness!

Who doesn’t love the old plastic fantastic eh? It’s good for those last minute footy tickets or a sneaky night out on the town. We love the feeling and thrill spending give us Aussies, but we don’t like it when we get the bill. With the dollar low and the price of everything going up, it is easy to get overwhelmed by debt. If your finances are hurting you and you are struggling to see a way out, why not try a long-term financial coach to get you back on track.


How can a finanical coach help me?


Financial coaches are a great resource to utilize when you are trying to get straight with your money. They will work with you to develop long-term goals and a plan of attack for the crippling debt you are in or soon will be if you don’t tame the beast.


Many folks get nervous when they put their finances in the hands of others, but it is important to remember that ultimately, the financial coaches are there to serve you and you alone. They have no loyalty to the banks and they will put your needs before profit.


Financial coaches are not just for debt management and can help you plan for long-term goals such as retirement or help you find ways to trim the budget and squeeze in a extra mortgage payment or two.


Consider Infinity Australia for financial coaching


Infinity Australia has been in the business of financial coaching since 2013 and offers the following services.


Debt reduction


Debt reduction is an action plan to help you get out of debt faster and can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments by negotiating a lower interest rate. Many financial institutions are happy to get on board so long as they still get to collect the principal amount owed.


Wealth creation


Simply put, if you trust in infinity they can help you realize the dream of a savings account. They won’t guarantee you to be as rich as the queen but they will give it their best shot.


Retirement planning


With Infinity, you can start saving for the autumn years, superannuation may not last forever and you need to be able to have a comfortable retirement, so why not let Infinity help you down the road to a care-free retirement.


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Greensky Credit’s Staff

Greensky Credit was established several years ago. It was founded in the year 2006. David Zalik developed the company. The corporate is among the leading companies in the United States of America. The corporate’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it has another call center located in Covington, Kentucky. The company is backed by the most influential investors in the world. Some of them include Fifth Bancorp that is situated in Cincinnati, Ohio.

According to a journal in the US, the company is valued at $3.6 billion. The company’s value had elevated compared to a fund-raising that was conducted ranging at around $300 million. Additionally the corporate is backed up by other investors like Wellington management, DST global, Iconiq Capital and TPG.

According to a 2016 valuation that was conducted on various companies, Greensky Credit was awarded the prize of the most valuable growing, privately-owned company. However, there were no financial details that were disclosed. A private organization is not required to disclose its financial information to anyone. They don’t share information with the public.

Greensky Credit corporate is not that familiar with most of the consumers like other financial technology companies. The reason behind this is because the company doesn’t make out loans from its capital. The company’s staff signs up retailers and merchants from all over the country. These merchants primarily sell home improvements staff like aluminum siding, window replacement products and furniture.

Greensky Credit’s employees have been very hardworking and at the forefront to see that all critical services have been delivered. They provide solutions to all consumers. This way the lives of most consumers have improved. Subsequently, the lives of their families have been made better.

Additionally, most small businesses have expanded. Greensky Credit has been able to elevate small businesses into medium-sized corporates. Greensky staff is a dedicated team of employees that are ready to see the organization propel. The organization has over 670 employees. The company has had plans to increase the number of employees as it grows. Also, the CEO confirmed that they would soon extend their services so that they get to accommodate medical personnel like doctors and nurses into their services.